Our most elegant lounge suites

You can really tell a lot about a person by the lounge they own. Low slung lounges indicate student accommodation, while structured two seat settees point to a happy couple, modular lounge suits scream family living. Whatever lounge suite you are looking for, you need to take time to look at all the different options, after all, you are going to be spending a lot of time on your lounge.

Depending on your budget, a lounge is an investment, so you want to get it right.


Proportion of the lounge and placement compared to the overall space is the key to making …

Bedroom colour palette’s for Winter

We all know spring cleaning is a thing, but what about winter renovations? While our cold season isn’t as miserable as the snowed-in months in many parts of the world, it does get rather dark and dreary. The endless rain and cloudy skies can bring anybody down, so it’s an excellent excuse to brighten your bedroom mood. Some new splashes of colour could be just what the doctor ordered, especially since winter tempts you to spend more time in bed.
Winter white
This seems counter-intuitive, but white bedroom furniture in Sydney will brighten your room. Its reflective properties enhance the light levels …

Inspiring Dining Sets

The dining room is a place for the family to catch up at the end of the day over a home cooked meal and share some valuable time together. So naturally, having a nice dining set to gather around is nice to create that homely feel. There is an extensive range of beautiful and inspiring dining sets on the market that will look amazing in your dining room and with the wide selection there will surely be something that will fit in your home.
The Bellagio
The Bellagio dining room set is made up of a coffee brown walnut wood veneer. This …

Our Top Picks for a More Traditionally Styled Bedroom Suite

Traditionally styled bedrooms can transport you to a place of prestige and luxury: an inviting place to lay your weary head after a hard day at the office. When you imagine a traditionally styled bedroom, images of four-poster beds and luxurious antique dressers and bedside drawers spring to mind. Traditional style beds usually involve a larger than life headboard with some even upholstered with lavish embroidery and buttons.

Wood options are available and really enhance the authenticity and charm of a room, making it a welcoming place to dwell. You may even feel like part of the royal family! Thanks to …

Frequently asked questions – caring for your leather lounge

When your leather lounge arrives, you want to take good care of it. Leather is not as hard to look after as some people will have you believe. When it comes to caring for your leather lounge, a good starting point is to wipe your lounge over with a wet cloth every time you dust your furniture. This will help prevent fine surface dust becoming embedded in your leather.

Also, remember that heat can also prematurely dry out your leather. Don’t place heaters too close to your new leather lounge and don’t aim hot air from your air-conditioner towards it either.

Sunlight …

Our favourite dining tables for 2018

Your dining table isn’t just a *gathering spot* for your family and friends; it’s also a focal point in your home. If you are looking to buy a new dining table in Sydney for your home, you’ll probably want one that will last for many years to come. A dining table needs to be strong and well-crafted and be the right size and shape to suit your room. Your dining table can also set the tone – the look and feel for the rest of your home and its furnishings; it needs to not only reflect your style but also …

A Close Look At Our Bedroom Furniture Options

Choosing new bedroom furniture is both scary and exciting – exciting because who doesn’t LOVE new furniture, scary because furniture is an investment, and you want to get this right.

Ask yourself a few questions before shopping for bedroom furniture in Sydney, and you’ll be better prepared.
Where is the furniture going?
Is the furniture for your master bedroom? For a child’s bedroom? For a teens bedroom? Or for a guest room?
What is your budget?
It’s great to see what is out there and to browse, but before you make a purchase, you need to know it’s what you can afford. You could …

What’s New in Lounge Room Décor?

The lounge room. The communal hub of any home.  A place to relax, to entertain and a place for your family to connect and socialise after all the chores are done and dusted. The lounge is probably one of the most frequented areas of any home, so it’s important to choose the right décor, so the lounge room not only looks great but is welcoming and comfortable for the family to relax in.

Lounge room décor has progressed leaps and bounds in the last ten years, and there is an extensive range of retro stylings to a more modern approach – …

The Wynn Bedroom Series

Bedroom sets, like the Wynn series, are the perfect, simple and easy way to buy all of your bedroom furniture in Sydney, all at once. There’s a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind you get when you realise you are not just buying good quality furniture, but that it matches. If you are decorating, it makes it a lot easier when your bedroom set matches.

There is three basic style of bedroom sets:

Basic Bedroom Set – this includes three pieces – a bed with a headboard, side cupboards and a tallboy. This is the style of set the Wynn …

A Close Look At Our Dining Table Options

There are a few staple furniture pieces that can really tie a room together. In the bedroom, a bed is the centrepiece of the room; in the living area, it might be a large leather lounge or plasma TV; in the bathroom, it might be a large bathtub or a vanity unit. When it comes to the dining room, though, it’s a no brainer – the dining table is the star of the show. That’s why it’s so important to select a table that reflects your style and suits the size of the room. We’ve pulled together a …

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