Things to Consider When Buying Leather Lounge

Leather lounges are unmatched when it comes to style, class, and durability.

Nevertheless, buying a leather lounge requires a little homework if you’re to get the right type at the perfect price. Knowing what you’re after and what will suit your lifestyle will help you navigate a market brimming with leather lounges of different sizes, styles, and qualities. Taking the extra time to look into your needs means you’re more likely to take home a leather lounge that suits you and your lifestyle.
Establish Whether it’s Real or Faux Leather
Many shoppers have been left disappointed after snapping up what they …

Leather Lounge Ideas for 2019

When it comes to modern-day lounge, leather lounges are the avant-garde, must-have furniture. If you are looking for ideas to give your lounge a stunning new look, we have you covered by listing the top lounge ideas for 2019

Get ready to be inspired by these super comfy lounges with amazing styles.
True to its name, the Allure lounge lures the entire family to it, promising unparalleled comfort with style. Varied resting positions and luxurious padding make it one of the best relaxing lounges available.

An award winner, the Allure lounge stands out when it comes to sleek design with supreme …

5 Tips to Brighten Your Living Room



There is no doubt that the living room is one of the most crucial parts of the home. As the name implies, it is where life happens in real time. This is the place where guests gather, and it’s where you spend most evenings to avoid getting bored at home. In most houses, this is the first space people see when they enter your home. Don’t you think it’s quite essential for your living room to be bright to create a genuine feeling of being at home?

1. Upgrade Your Furniture…

Why You Should Buy a TV Stand

The television is usually the focal point in most living rooms. If you want to give your room a classic outlook, it is advisable to invest in a TV stand over mounting it on the wall. There is more to traditional TV stands than a classic-themed appearance.

Here are the benefits of purchasing a TV stand for your home.
Extra Storage Capacity
The most significant advantage of TV cabinets is that they offer additional storage capacity. This assists in space optimisation, one of the critical functional elements of every room. The extra space can be used to house the sound system, video game …

Bedroom Addition

Making your bedroom aesthetically pleasing is not as difficult as you might think. It is probably one of the most fun-filled parts of home decorating. However, don’t forget that as fun as it may be, a bedroom is the most essential part of the home, with the kitchen running a close second. We are all faced with busy schedules so, the importance of a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated, and it all comes down to the furniture and bed.

A bed is the primary focal point of any bedroom. Getting a bed that is comfortable and suits the entire …

Benefits of a Leather Lounge

Leather has always been a popular choice amongst the full range of fabrics and other synthetic materials available, and this is probably the reason why leather has secured a top spot as the material used for furniture. Leather lounges have become a staple in every Aussie household thanks to their authentic texture, durability, and coziness. We at Brescia, specialize in luxurious, premium-quality lounges in the latest styles and designs. If you want a leather lounge for your living room but are having some doubts, read what our experts have to say.

1 Appearance

The process of dying leather is …

How to Take Care of Your Leather Furniture

Purchasing a piece of leather furniture is does not come at a low cost, it is an investment but worth it if you keep it well maintained. It does not require too much effort and doing this will keep your leather piece looking new for years to come.

Here are a few tips on keeping your Leather furniture maintained.

1 Dust.

Probably the easiest to clean. All you need to do is attach the brush fixture to your vacuum cleaner and suck up any dust and debris that may have accumulated, make sure the brush fixture is not too rough.

2 Test The Eather.

If …

Why Should You Choose Leather For Your Furniture?

Leather is and always has been popular and a leading choice for many homes and businesses. Leather remains as a top choice even with the wide range of fabrics and materials available to us.

Anyone wanting to make the best choice for their furniture, take time to do research. You have to find out what type of furniture is best for your home.

Here’s why leather would be a faultless choice.

1 Long lasting.
These are a life long investment about a leather lounge. The more it ages, the more beautiful it becomes. This is because age brings out its …

How To Fill Empty Spaces in A Large Living Room

How can you make the best from a large living room? Perhaps your living room isn’t large, it’s just an awkward shape, or it’s connected to another area that makes it difficult to organise.

Designate set areas or zones – in a small room you just have room for your leather lounges, but in a larger room, you can break the room into different zones, a place to watch TV, a computer area, games area or even a place to sit and chat.

Divide your spaces – you can use different rugs, or place furniture to create smaller areas within a …

Designing A Minimalist Living Room

When you think of a minimalist living room, what is it that comes to mind? No bright colours, white walls, very contemporary leather lounges, nothing on the walls? Often this may be the impression people have when they think of a minimalist living room. The good news is, this is NOT an accurate image. Being a minimalist or having a minimalist living room isn’t about having a sleek white room, it’s in fact all about decluttering to make room for more space.

Tips for creating a minimalist living room

Declutter – less is more and to create a minimalist living room …

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