Creating an environment that helps you feel relaxed and energised is incredibly important to improve your mood and overall well-being, and giving your bedroom a makeover may be all you need. Adding new bedroom furniture and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders, but sometimes, the little things can make all the difference, and updating your bedding with high-quality linen is a great place to start.

Choosing the Perfect Bedding

As we spend almost half the time we are home in our beds, investing in a high-quality set can go a long way to make a bedroom look fresh and modern. Choosing your bed linen for this personal space requires careful consideration, whatever your interior style. The first decision you will have to make is to settle on a calming colour scheme and determine the ambience you want to cultivate in your bedroom. Since colours can significantly influence moods, taking the time to ponder how you would like your bedroom to make you feel is incredibly important.

Some of the trending colours for bedding are:


Neutral tones like white, black, grey, and brown are hard to fault when choosing a colour scheme. Neutrals remain an excellent choice, allowing you to easily incorporate pops of colour or patterns that can be updated seasonally.

Earthy Tones

Colours such as tans, soft browns and muted greens like sage and olive are popular for creating a calming, natural look and provide a grounding, peaceful presence in the bedroom.

Dusty Pastels

Soft hues like dusty pink and lavender add a touch of elegance and subtle colour to bedding. As dusty pastels have a more vintage and romantic quality, they can make any space feel very dainty and dreamy – perfect for a lie-in on a Saturday morning.

Soft Blues

Blue tones are highly recommended for bedding as they are widely recognised for their calming effect. Blues have been shown to reduce heart rates, lower blood pressure, and slow breathing – all desirable qualities for a room intended for relaxation and sleep.

While many more colours exist, neutrals, blues, and earthy tones are ideal for bedrooms thanks to their calming effects. While colour trends ebb and flow, selecting a calming bedroom palette is the first step towards choosing the perfect bed linen. If you like energising reds and yellows, you can use them as accent colours without making them the focal point.

Opt for Versatile, Solid Linens

Choose plain bed linens—top sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases—as your core bedding set. This allows you to maximise the value of your sheet sets by using them year-round. Just as you have timeless basics in your wardrobe, your linen closet should contain reliable staples to build upon.

Select base linens that coordinate with your colour scheme, or use neutrals like white or grey to pair them with vibrant colour combinations for quilt covers, accent cushions, throws, and even curtains.

Select a Quilt Cover and Accent Colour

With your colour scheme set and basic linens secured, the real fun begins, as you now have endless options for your remaining accent colours.

Begin with your quilt cover, as this will dictate the colours for your cushions and throws. Select one standout colour to focus on so that all additional elements harmonise perfectly. For a light, breezy aesthetic and a summer look, choose light grey for the quilt and mustard yellow for the throw and decorative cushions to not overwhelm your senses or mood.

To refresh your bedroom’s look for a new season, you can simply swap out the cushion covers and feature a different accent colour to create an entirely new bedroom aesthetic and ambience.

When choosing high-quality bedding, it is worthwhile to carefully consider each set to build your colour scheme from the ground up. Broken down into manageable steps, giving your bedroom that fresh look to calm your senses overnight should not be an overwhelming task.

Add New Bedroom Furniture and Vibrant Decor

New bedding, strategically placed decor, and thoughtful interior design choices will craft a bedroom you’ll love retreating to. Have fun experimenting with statement pieces like bold artwork or patterned rugs to inject pops of colour and enliven the space with energy and personality. Potted plants also help breathe life into interiors while evoking a refreshing, spring-like feel – so don’t shy away from incorporating a few lush greens to cultivate a serene, sleep-promoting atmosphere. If you are feeling adventurous, paint one of the walls with a prominent colour from your bedroom’s palette. This can add depth, visual texture, and intriguing dimension without overwhelming the space with too much intensity. Remember, decorating your bedroom should be an enjoyable experience.

Don’t overlook the transformative impact of incorporating stylish bedroom furniture Sydney when revamping a bedroom. Elegant leather lounges add visual interest and functionality to a bedroom while elevating the overall aesthetic. For compact bedrooms, opt for a chaise with stainless steel feet to maximise your limited floor space. And be sure to pair your new bedding with complementary bedside tables to create a balanced, cohesive bedroom layout. Consider consulting the experts of a leading furniture store to ensure you select the ideal colour for your new bedroom furniture and that the items work in stylish harmony with your bedding and bedroom walls.

You may also want to update your ceiling light fixture and switch things up with a new lampshade to further enhance your bedroom’s ambience. Black metal lighting fixtures offer a modern aesthetic and work well with the classic elegance of your interior and leather lounges. You can also add accent lighting by adding a floor lamp to brighten a corner or low-hanging pendants on either side of the bed for a more ambient and soothing atmosphere.

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