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Natural Leather

Natural leather is a noble and resistant material, which becomes more valuable over time. Its transpiration properties make it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and its flexibility allows it to mold perfectly to the body’s shape. Characteristics such as healed scars, wrinkles, insect bites, breaks, veining, and variations in grain and color are natural features of hides that give them their value and natural character. For this reason, the hides that our craftsmen select one by one undergo tanning processes that do not alter their natural characteristics, but allow them to become fine leather perfectly suited for use in your home.

Types of Leather

On some parts of the lounge, one can use the split leather, the underlying part of the raw hide. Split leather is also a natural product which makes the cost of the sofa more competitive without compromising quality. Following are some natural characteristics you will find on your leather sofa.


Normal Wear & Usage

The padding material does not require any specific type of maintenance except for the kind associated with the normal care of the sofa. In particular, if you purchase sofas that have a fiber filling or down padding, it will be necessary to model or ‘dress’ them to ensure they return to their initial look, which will have altered during transit.

Things you should know
During the first three months of use, polyurethane foam padding tends to soften then should permanently stabilise. This settling may also create slight folds on the covering, which is a completely normal characteristic of the product.


Leather Care & Cleaning

Do not allow dust to accumulate on the leather surface. Weekly, wipe dust off with a soft, damp cloth.

Any spills must be removed immediately using a soft, non abrasive damp cloth or absorbent paper, applying minimal pressure from the outside of the stain moving towards the centre.

For natural leathers, only clean with a soft dry cloth or soft brush by dusting off any dirt. Incase of spills, use a soft dry cloth or soft brush. Try to avoid greasy spills as they stain and cannot be effectively removed.

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