Bedside tables may appear to be a straightforward addition to a bedroom, yet they fulfil crucial dual purposes. Beyond providing practical surface space for lamps, books, and night-time essentials, they also act as decorative features that contribute to your room’s overall ambience. Therefore, the right quality bedside tables can level up your bedroom. From style and dimensions to clever storage solutions, this guide reveals everything you need to know to choose pieces that harmonise beautifully with your existing decor. 

Bedside Table Styles for Every Decor Taste 

Quality bedside tables come in spectacular styles to complement any bedroom interior theme. Whether you love modern minimalism, Italian chic, or boho eclectic, at our showroom in Cabramatta, you will discover designs to match your personal decor taste.

Modern bedside tables offer simple designs with clean lines, bringing a minimalist aesthetic into your bedroom. Picture sleek metallic or glass tops resting on sculptural wooden leg frames. This simplicity creates a tranquil and open bedroom setting, ideal for the hustle and bustle of urban living.

For a touch of timeless elegance, wooden bedside tables take the spotlight. They boast graceful cabriole legs, carved drawer fronts, and burnished finishes that exude Italian grandeur. Position them on either side of a carved wood sleigh bed for beautiful symmetry, or contrast the ornate table with fabric headboards and textural bed linens to add sophistication to your space.

Bedside Table Size – Getting It ‘Just Right’

Once you’ve settled on a style, how do you choose the perfect size for your bedside table? Position and dimensions play pivotal roles in functionality and avoiding bedroom clutter. Place too large a table, and your room seems shrunken. Go too petite, and you’ll struggle to fit everything you need. Here are handy tips for finding the right measurements for your quality bedside tables:

Evaluate Bed Height 

Firstly, consider your bed height. Standard mattress heights range between 25 to 36 centimetres. Measure from the floor to the top of your mattress. Next, measure your body height when lying in your usual sleeping position. Your ideal bedside table should sit 5 to 10 cm higher than this. Any lower and reaching items become awkward. Any higher looks unbalanced.

Assess Available Floor Space

Factor in floor area, too. Measure the gap between your bed and wall to gauge the maximum dimensions. Remember to leave room to open drawers and table lamps. We recommend around 40 to 50cm for easy access without cluttering the space. Take note of your room measurements before browsing to match prospective purchases to your floor plan. 

Table Top Space 

The table top itself should offer adequate surface space without dwarfing the room. For resting lamps, books, water glasses, etc., scale width and depth relative to your bed’s proportions. But don’t sacrifice all surface space for petite dimensions. Well-designed storage solutions in quality bedside tables provide ample organised capacity. 

Clever Bedside Table Storage Solutions

While style plays the starring role, quality bedside tables also serve a valuable practical purpose. Their compact place beside the bed is a handy landing spot for items you need within arm’s reach. Our designs offer ingenious integrated storage to stash night-time essentials or reduce bedroom clutter.

The scale, configuration and aesthetic of storage differ vastly across furniture collections. Are drawers for hiding clutter preferable? Or does open shelving better showcase cherished bedside belongings? Factor in these considerations when comparing quality bedside tables. 

Bedside Table Materials 

Beyond style, dimensions and storage, the choice of materials significantly impacts a bedside table’s form and function. 

Warm wood tones create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere. Match lighter honey oak, maple or fruitwood table tops with paler decor palettes for breezy Byron or country feels. Richer mahogany, walnut and rosewood finishes lend deeper cocoa hues to illuminate moody, dramatic schemes. 

For an ultra-sleek, sharp, modern look, glass or metal tables reflect light beautifully. Mirrored and gold surfaces amplify brightness, perfect for darker rooms. Silver and gunmetal finishes alongside clear glass provide a cooler counterbalance to cosy, tactile textures like wool throws and linen curtains. 

Finding quality bedside tables that are beautiful and practical boils down to thoroughly evaluating your tastes, bedroom dimensions and practical needs. Only once armed with this knowledge can you start shortlisting designs that tick every box on your wish list. 

What Your Bed Frame Has To Do With The Perfect Bedside Table

While bedside tables command merit in their own right, they reach their full potential when synergising seamlessly with your bed frame. Combining complementary designs creates a holistic bedroom theme brimming with harmony. 

For cohesive flow, match wood species across furniture pieces. For instance, a European oak bed frame pairs perfectly with oak veneer bedside tables. Echo any standout details like inlay patterns or tapered angular legs across the suite. 

If your coveted bed frame boasts an ornately hand-carved heritage design, choose bedsides with similar chiselled accents and vintage patina. Or, for contemporary whole-room schemes, trace sleek, unbroken lines across the furniture suite. 

There are no hard and fast rules around pairing bed frames with quality bedside tables. Follow your instincts and get creative with complementary or contrasting shapes, hues, and materials encapsulating your vision. 

Choosing the Ultimate Bedside Table Lighting  

To complete the bedside vignette, carefully consider lamps alongside dreamy tables. Lighting serves both practical needs and atmospheric accent purposes. The lamps’ shape, size, colour and brightness should align holistically with the overall bedroom scheme.

For functional task lighting, angular directional lamp heads concentrate illumination precisely where required. Rotate and tilt adjustable joints to manoeuvre beams over specific zones – whether focusing bright light for night-time reading or creating a muted ambient glow. 

Find Quality Bedside Tables At Brescia

This is just a snapshot of the diverse bedside table options waiting to be discovered. Visit our beautiful showroom at Brescia Furniture‘s Cabramatta Store located at 119 Cabramatta Road, Cabramatta NSW 2166, to view our collection of quality bedside tables in person. With quality craftsmanship and premium materials, our pieces promise durability and elegance for years.Can’t make it into the store? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for bedside inspiration and new arrivals.