If you’re looking to create a tranquil oasis in your bedroom in Sydney, then this is everything you need to know. Your bedroom should be an oasis. It’s what you come home to each night, and it’s where you go to unwind and relax after a long, hard day at work. Taking the time to create a space that you love and enjoy is worth the investment and all the time in the world.

Here at Brescia Furniture, we specialise in bedroom furniture in Sydney. We’re extremely proud of our ability to supply our customers with investment pieces so they can create an oasis in their bedroom. Today, we’re diving deep into all of our favourite tips about how to create a tranquil oasis and what bedroom furniture you can use to achieve this.

Create zones using rugs and furniture

More often than not, we usually just think that our bedrooms are solely for our bed and sleeping. However, as time has gone on and as we’ve seen during the pandemic, we’ve been shown that our bedrooms are used for much more. They are a private place within our homes and where we can truly unwind. To highlight this, we recommend creating zones using bedroom furniture. This could be with leather lounges or other key bedroom furniture pieces in Sydney. 

Along with bedroom furniture in Sydney, one of the main ways to create zones is through the use of rugs. This is a well-kept secret in the interior design industry. Rugs essentially create sections within a larger space. They give a visual cue and a physical one that you’re walking from one space to the next.

Get cosy

Soft furnishings in a bedroom are often left to the last minute, but we think that these are such vital elements when creating a tranquil bedroom. When you’ve found your ideal bedroom furniture in Sydney and have added the usual suspects, such as pillows and blankets, add other pieces like a shag rug and window decorations. Although these aren’t what come to mind right away, it’s these elements that help to build on that cosy feeling.

Allow for a tidy space

More often than not, when people come to us looking for bedroom furniture solutions in Sydney, they often talk about storage. Storage is incredibly important in bedrooms not only for a functional aspect but also for an aesthetic purpose. Storage allows you to keep your space tidy and clean. You can see all of your bedroom furniture and appreciate your bedroom for what it is. In addition to investing in good quality bedroom storage, it’s also wise to invest in some other bedroom organisers, such as drawer dividers.

Invest in a good-quality bed

There’s nothing like your own bed; everyone knows the feeling of coming home after a long, hard day and crawling into your bed. It’s what creates the space and makes it your own. For those who last upgraded their bed a number of years ago, this is your sign to do so. Investing in a good quality bed is the key to creating a tranquil space that you enjoy where you can get a good night’s sleep.  

It’s important to purchase a good quality bed and look where it was manufactured. In the market, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that have been mass-produced. Instead, when you’re looking to invest, look for a bed that’s been manufactured in a place like Italy. This ensures high quality and is one step closer to you creating a calm oasis.

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting has such a big impact, whether it be in your bedroom, living area, or dining area. It can set the mood and help you relax for your night. When looking at your bedroom, you should have layers of lighting. This means you should have multiple lighting options within one space. This can be in the form of lamps, wall sconces, pendants, inbuilt ceiling lights and downlights. When looking at your bedroom furniture, see where you can add lamps or task lights to create a mood and further emphasise ambience.

Create a lounge area

If you’re really ready to dedicate your bedroom to a tranquil oasis, then you have to create a lounge area. For those who have the luxury of extra space to do so, we highly recommend it as it completely transforms the room and gives you a dedicated place to feel calm and collected. 
Creating a dedicated lounge area in your bedroom is all about picking the right pieces of bedroom furniture. Depending on the size and configuration, we recommend investing in an armchair or leather lounge in Sydney. Armchairs are a fantastic option to add to your corner, creating a cosy reading nook. Whereas leather lounges are perfect when accompanied by a coffee table and soft furnishings.

Add the finishing touches 

To pair beautifully with your bedroom furniture in Sydney, style your bedroom. This is the process of adding all of the finishing touches. Depending on your personal preferences, this could be a number of things. Styling your bedroom could be as simple as adding a scented candle or filling your shelves with greenery. Another great addition is adding coffee table books or styling items to your bedroom furniture. These personal items and finishing touches are what can complete your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Creating a relaxing oasis is all about embracing bedroom furniture in Sydney. It’s about creating a space that’s uniquely yours. This is your sign to take the time and invest in yourself with a tranquil bedroom. 

If you’re interested in bedroom furniture in Sydney, then get in contact with us. Our experienced team is here to help create bedrooms that we know you’ll love forever. In the meantime, follow us on social media or explore our blogs for more information.