If you aspire to add a bit of Italian elegance to your home, your dining room presents the perfect place to breathe in some Mediterranean charm. As the heart of any home where family and friends gather, you can easily transform this space into a chic Italian dining room with just a few key elements. By thoughtfully incorporating the following ideas, you can design your personal slice of la dolce vita at home. 

Italian Dining Room Furniture

A well-styled Italian dining room starts with elegant furniture. Opt for a solid wood dining table in rich finishes like walnut or distressed paints in creamy ivories or deep umbers. Size it appropriately to fit your family and friends: a 210 or 245-centimetre table comfortably seats 6 to 8 people but scales up to host larger gatherings

Add upholstered side and armchairs in shades of cream, gold, slate blue and terracotta to your dining table. You can also add interest with intricately carved wooden frames, nailhead trim, or exotic fabrics like velvet or Italian leather. Finally, incorporate statement pieces like a stately hutch, wine cabinet or movable serving cart to reinforce the Italian vibe. 

Infuse Colour for the Senses

From Mediterranean coastal hues to earthy neutrals mirroring Tuscan landscapes, colours are the essence of Italian design. Popular wall colours for Italian-inspired spaces include warm ivories, beeswax yellows, terracotta oranges and shades of green from deep jade to light sage. Opt for a rich navy or cardinal red to contrast with neutral furnishings for a bolder look.

Next, inject pops of accent colours that reflect the Italian landscape and culture. Think sun-washed yellow, vine-ripened tomato red, fig purple, ocean blue, and green. Use these colours in your soft furnishings, dishware and décor accents. Try a set of hand-painted ceramic serving pieces or a vibrant glass vase filled with seasonal blooms.

Tie in Works of Art

What would an Italian dining room be without something delightful to admire between bites? Incorporate fine art, photography, or architectural drawings to give your guests something beautiful to contemplate. For old-world charm, frame botanical prints, Italian landscape paintings or black-and-white architectural sketches. Group several smaller pieces over a long sideboard or frame one oversized statement piece to anchor an entire wall. For a modern twist, look for vibrant abstract or minimalist pieces that layer nicely with your room’s colour palette.

Accentuate with Accessories

Accessories provide the finishing touch to your Italian dining room décor. First, set the table with high-quality linens, dishware and glassware. White, cream and black make classic palette choices. Or opt for vibrant hues like deep red and cobalt blue for a bolder yet authentic Italian look. 

Next, create an ambience with lighting. A stunning chandelier or overhead pendant makes a wow-worthy style statement. Pair it with the glow of candlelight from sconces placed strategically throughout the room.

Consider placing a variety of fresh floral centrepieces, ceramic vases, grapevines, loose lemons, glass cloches and more on the table. 

Lastly, accentuate the Italian charm with regionally inspired accessories. Think terracotta planters showcasing fig trees or olive branches or hang a set of copper pots along the wall as an homage to an Italian kitchen.

Ready for Your Italian Dining Room Makeover?

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