Are you ready to throw your next dinner party? Many of us have been stuck at home over the last two years and haven’t socialised as much as usual. So getting an invite to a dinner party would be a wonderful break. If you are planning to host a dinner, it’s important to make it a worthwhile event. Here are some ideas you can work with to create a memorable night.

Get the right furniture for your set-up

The ideal furniture plays a vital role in your dinner party. Get a long dining table in Sydney if you do not own one already. This table will accommodate all your guests with enough room to share food and enjoy the ambience. You can also add an attractive leather lounge on the other side of the room to improve the aesthetics. Your guests can sit and mingle while enjoying their drinks before or after dinner. 

Decide on the colour theme

The colour theme you decide will influence the plates you use, the table linen, and even the lighting. Do not go for dull, boring hues and make sure the colours do not scream at you either. Instead, choose a theme that pops and looks fun. 

If you want a spread that speaks life, then think orange, yellow or red. Your table linen can be a nice plain white to allow the colours you add to stand out.

Check all the essentials

One thing you must do is have a checklist of all the essentials. Ensure every guest has what they need for the dinner party. Check that you have enough knives, forks, spoons, bowls, and plates for each person. There should also be a water glass and wine glass per guest. No one should miss an essential item. 

Add some lighting

Since it is a dinner party, you want to create an ambience that is intimate and inviting. Ceiling lights can be harsh, so place some lamps in strategic places around the room. You can never go wrong with adding candles to the table decor. Try glass votive candles as they add warmth and charm.

Florals are great additions

You may think adding flowers to a table is a dated idea, but it brings the table to life. You should add small, colourful flowers in low vases. Then, place the arrangement in the centre of the table. Be careful not to make them too tall as they will interrupt the flow of conversation. 

Break the ice

To make your setting more interesting and give people a conversation starter, add something unique for each place setting. You can add mementoes from your travels or quiz questions to get people talking. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that you want people to enjoy themselves and leave with happy memories from your dinner party. A happy and relaxed host will be the finishing touch. So get creative when planning your night and enjoy yourself!

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