For many of us, losing ourselves in an engaging book is the ideal escape from our hectic daily routines. Reading fuels our imagination and expands our knowledge, so creating a little reading nook at home as a peaceful oasis can nurture our well-being amidst life’s constant demands and distractions.

To fully savour and relax in your little cocoon, the most significant piece of furniture to centre your reading nook around is the armchair, where you will spend hours turning the pages of literary epics and the latest science journals.

Pinpointing Your Reading Needs and Priorities

Before seeking your perfect armchair, take time to thoughtfully assess how and where in the home you’ll want to set up your little reading nook. This insight will help you guide towards the ideal size, style, material, and design best suited to your reading habits and living space. For instance, ask yourself if the nook will reside next to your bedroom furniture Sydney in a serene alcove for leisurely novel chapters or in a high-traffic living room demanding hardier fabrics and maybe even materials. Do you tend to sit upright with proper posture or sprawl about in relaxed contortions? Perhaps elevating your feet is a must, or you prefer curling up in a soft tuck. Knowing your typical reading positions and whether you favour firmer, supportive chairs or softer upholstered designs will steer you towards the perfect fit.

You’ll also want your new reading chair to harmonise with your home’s overall aesthetic. A classic Italian leather chair might suit those favouring minimalist designs, while mid-century interiors may go better with sleek, clean-lined styles. Scale is another consideration – an overstuffed, imposing armchair could overwhelm tighter spaces, whereas compact, streamlined silhouettes can nestle nicely into snug reading corners.

Armchair Styles for Blissful Reading

With an understanding of your needs, style preferences and spatial parameters, certain well-proven back design archetypes lend themselves exquisitely to book-loving retreats:

High-backed Armchairs

High-backed armchairs are characterised by their tall, almost towering backrests, which significantly improve comfort levels and spinal support during long hours of use. They are a popular choice for reading nooks and can be strategically positioned to accentuate and elevate the overall aesthetic of bedroom furniture Sydney.

A high-backed design is best suited for larger rooms with soaring vaulted ceilings, as positioning an armchair of such generous proportions in compact areas can foster an oppressively cramped space. A high-backed recliner variant featuring an integrated adjustable footrest would represent pure reading luxury, as there’s nothing quite like sinking into the cosy cushions of a recliner with a good book.

Low-backed Armchairs

In contrast, low-backed armchair styles are particularly well-suited for contemporary modern homes, with their sleek sophistication and understated elegance. The predominant contemporary form is the iconic “Chesterfield” design, and their compact footprint can be seamlessly integrated into reading nooks in modestly proportioned rooms without overwhelming the area.

However, while aesthetically pleasing, the low backrest may not provide sufficient upper body support for taller individuals seeking sustained comfort during extended reading sessions. Low-backed designs are better suited for more petite statures or short reading periods.

Wingback Armchairs

The iconic silhouettes of wingback armchairs complement traditional and modern spaces and are available in either low-backed or high-backed designs. Historically, these winged extensions served a functional purpose beyond mere decoration – they were intended to trap and direct heat from a roaring fireplace towards the reader. Today, a wingback armchair is a visually striking accent piece that creates a sense of cosy seclusion, ideal for immersing oneself in literary pursuits or quiet contemplation.

Modern Contemporary Armchairs

Made from innovative materials and upholstered in visually arresting fabrics, modern armchair exemplars come in angular lines and frequently feature slim, tapered wooden legs for minimalist, mid-century-inspired designs.

Ideal for living room reading nooks, a contemporary armchair can also be integrated into other spaces like bedrooms or larger hallways. Many manufacturers provide complementary removable seat covers for easy maintenance and periodic aesthetic refreshes of your new furniture piece.

Colour And Material Matters

Regardless of your design preferences, your reading nook armchair should accommodate your body size, with ample depth and width to stretch out or curl up comfortably. Ensure it fits the space without overwhelming it, and complement your existing décor for a cohesive look without clashing with surrounding colours and patterns. While rich, jewel-toned hues like emerald green or burgundy imbue depth and sophistication, you may want to channel a vintage library aesthetic with a traditional Italian leather wingback from Brescia Furniture.

Selecting the right material can greatly impact style and comfort. Let’s examine the core material compositions to transform your reading nook into an irresistible escape for literary adventures.


The majority of vintage-inspired high-backed armchair designs originate from meticulously handcrafted wooden frames. Wood-framed armchairs give off an aesthetic of classic elegance and can function as visually striking accent pieces. They are eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance.


Metal-framed armchairs are made from iron and steel and are remarkably durable. Available in myriad designs and styles, they have a relatively compact footprint without occupying excessive floor space, perfect for small reading nooks. In addition, they are generally quite affordable compared to other material options.

Italian Leather

Italian leather armchairs are crafted from tanned animal hides, a very strong and durable material that can be fashioned into diverse furniture designs and styles. They epitomise sophistication and classic refinement, making them the ideal choice for cosy reading nooks. Furthermore, their material is remarkably easy to clean and maintain.

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Ultimately, devoting energy to designing your idyllic reading nook with the perfect armchair grants you so much more than just a blissful retreat. A comfortable space may even nurture your motivation to read more consistently.

If you need help or inspiration choosing the ideal seat for ultimate relaxation in your cosy hideaway or would like to update your bedroom furniture Sydney, visit our showroom on Cabramatta Road or call 02 9700 9000 to get in touch.

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