Moving into a new home is a big change and a chance for a fresh start. While it is expected you will be transferring some of your old furniture to the new address, this is a perfect opportunity to consider new furniture options too.

As Marie Kondo’s philosophy goes, you should make sure things in the home “spark joy.”

You’ll certainly be getting rid of overused or outdated pieces, and things that you don’t use or don’t resonate with you anymore. This leaves room, to find out what does. While it may be tempting to think of new art or decorative pieces you’re lusting after and other add-ons like throw rugs, these must be secondary. You’ve got to start with the major furniture pieces that will inform the overall style and feel of your home. That’s why we’ve named these basic important items to get you started:

Living Room

This is where you’ll have most of your entertaining and family time. You want it to be comfortable so you and your guests can take a proper reprieve. Yet you also want furniture that’s attractive to make you feel fabulous in your home. First select a leather lounge that is beautifully designed and made, yet highly functional and durable. Then you’ll need an adequate entertainment centre, of course. From TV units to sideboards to showcases, this bit is essential.

Dining Room

Think of all the meals you’ll have with friends and family, special celebrations and holidays in this room. The first order of importance is choosing a table. It will be the centrepiece of attraction and activity. Consider the size of the dining room table based on how many are in your household plus guest expectations. Make sure when you pick out your chairs that they match the style of the table for a streamlined feel.


Now, much about the kitchen will already be set up in the new residence, unless you’re renovating or starting from scratch. But you still may be able to add your own personal touches. For example, see if you can put in a breakfast bar or an island complete with bar stools for a modern take. It will attract people to the kitchen so you can cook, eat, and socialize at the same time.


We highly recommend starting your new journey off with an entirely new bed and mattress. This will allow you to feel clean and luxurious in the new space. Deciding on a colour, style and headboard for the bed can show your personality (and how it may have evolved recently). You’ll want a new bedside table to go along with the style of the bed so choose wisely! If you’re bringing in old dressers and armouries be sure to consider these as well in your stylistic choices.

Whether this is your first house, or you’re moving for an upgrade, change of job, or change of scene, it will present a new chapter in your life. To properly commemorate this change, compliment the new place with some well-deserved furniture upgrades. New home, new furniture, new you!

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