A luxury leather lounge remains one of the pieces of furniture to stand the test of time. It always stays in style and blends in with every architectural design. It will also last longer than the average fabric sofa.

Although there have been myths about using leather furniture during hot or cold weather, the seats do not change their temperature. The natural material makes them versatile and will stay comfortable in any season.

Read on to discover why leather lounges are a timeless investment and why you should consider purchasing one.

The Advantages Of Investing In A Leather Lounge

1. Leather is comfortable

When investing in a sofa, most people first consider comfort; luxury leather lounges provide the right amount of cosiness. They are an excellent choice for everyday use, including dining, entertainment, and a casual daytime nap. They remain at comfortable room temperature despite the myth that this changes with outdoor conditions.

2. Leather requires low maintenance

Children, pets, and frequent visitors can make maintaining your living room furniture seem like a chore. However, unlike fabric sofas, cleaning your leather seats is quite simple. You only need to vacuum away any food remains, and liquid spills are easy to wipe off. Regularly using a suitable leather fabric protector from the start can also keep your lounge newer for longer.

3. Leather is versatile.

If you choose a neutral colour for your couch, it will complement any home’s interior decor. Many interior designers prefer leather lounges due to this fact. You can then use different colour throw pillows and blankets to brighten the room. Excellent lighting ideas also add warmth and cosiness to a living area.

4. Leather is durable

Leather is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Comfortable leather lounges will last three times longer than fabric ones. Additionally, the leather looks better with wear, making it an excellent choice for young families with kids. The older your couch, the softer and smoother it feels.

5. Leather is a timeless investment

Unlike its fabric counterpart, a leather lounge investment will have a modern look and feel for decades to come. Although the initial cost will be higher, you have the guarantee that it will last longer and even look better as it ages. It is an excellent value for your money as it will save you the need to replace your furniture constantly.

6. Leather displays elegance and sophistication

In the past, leather furniture was only typical in wealthy homes. However, in recent times, more people find the advantages outweigh the price and consider leather lounges a must-have. They also add elegance and sophistication to any space, appealing to those with a keen eye for style.

7. Leather comes in various fabrics and colour options

Today, you can purchase leather lounges in different fabric colours and quality. Before purchasing your seat, consider its use and the nature of your household. For everyday use, especially with kids, choose a high-quality couch that will withstand regular use.

8. Leather is family and pet friendly

Unlike fabric lounges, leather couches will not collect fur and hair from pets. Also, leather seats do not contain these allergens if anyone in your household is allergic to dust or particles. Wiping off dirt makes it easier to keep your family healthier, as the fabric is hypoallergenic.

Types Of Leather Used To Make Furniture

Different companies use distinct kinds of leather fabric to make lounges. The common types are:

  • Full-grain leather
    Full-grain is the best quality luxurious leather fabric in the market. It is common in earthy and natural tones for that classic look. Although it tends to be stiffer when new, it softens with age, and the rugged texture turns into a warm marble-like look. Additionally, it is highly water resistant, making it durable for longer. Leather lounges from this material are pricier but last the longest.
  • Top-grain leather
    Top-grain leather is a smoother and softer quality that can absorb various colours. When treated, it is also stain resistant but will not be as breathable as full-grain. Most people prefer it due to its colour versatility and the fact that it retains its glossy appearance for a long time. Though this fabric is also costly, it is more affordable than full-grain.
  • Split-grain leather
    Split-grain leather is relatively durable, but it gets torn easily. It absorbs water quickly, and the fuzzy material wears off with time. It is one of the cheapest options available but will only last for a short time compared to full or top-grain leather.

How To Maintain Your Leather Lounge In Perfect Condition

Proper care and maintenance are necessary to have your leather lounge last long. Here are a few tips on ensuring your investment’s durability.

  • Plump up your leather cushions and rotate their positions often to keep their appearance plush longer.
  • Vacuum the corners when you clean your living room and wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt. If there is a stain, do not attempt to wipe it away. Instead, use an absorbent material to blot the spot and avoid spreading it onto the rest of the couch.
  • Use leather cleaning products that are not harsh on the material sparingly. Water-based products are highly recommended as they leave the fabric looking and feeling as natural as possible.
  • Protect your leather lounge from damage by ensuring that sharp objects are not lying around. If you have pets, keep their claws short, as they can scratch the surface.
  • Position your furniture correctly to avoid direct sunlight and heat, as they can dry out the leather. Consider applying a leather protector to coat the fabric and retain moisture when the weather is sweltering.


Consider the above benefits and choose to make that leather lounges investment you have been considering. Contact Brescia Furniture today for a supply of Italian luxury leather lounges for your home. Their team of household furniture experts will provide suggestions and help you choose the right items to fit your space elegantly.

today for a supply of Italian luxury leather lounges for your home. Their team of household furniture experts will provide suggestions and help you choose the right items to fit your space elegantly.

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