As we head further into winter, you find the days get shorter and darker and the weather gets colder. Finding ways to make your home feel cosy can be challenging. Without redoing your whole living room, there are ways you can decorate the room, to make it feel more *winter friendly* – these colours can take you right through to spring.

Bright white works well with neutral tones like light grey.

You can maximise your decorating by incorporating some items that don’t just brighten your home but coordinate with your decor. Real or artificial fruit is a great way to add some colour, and it’s a great *double accessory* that adds richness and enhances your overall winter theme.

Adding a throw blanket over your leather lounge in bright colours, not only helps keep your family warm, it can even add some more of the colour you are working into your décor. Pillows and fabrics in greys, tan and creams work well, some grey throws on a Dolphin leather lounge look great, opt for throws in chunky wool to add a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Jewel Tone colours also work well, look at what you already have in your living room and look for accessories that are darker versions of items you already have in the room. If you have items in soft blue consider using a dark navy blue, if you have shades of light green look at adding hints of emerald green. This can be a new rug for the colder months, a throw or some cushions or candles.

Dark jewel tone colours are rich in depth and will instantly transform the look and feel of your living room, it will straight away make it look and feel warmer. When you use your existing home colour pallet it makes transitioning from one season to the next easy. Depending on the colour of your existing leather lounge you can mix shades of white with some of the warmer plush textures to balance out the darker colours and keep them from appearing too dark.

Velvet and chenille pillows add warmth and a feeling of cosiness. You don’t have to stick with plain colours, fun patterns such as zebra, leopard and tiger print look amazing too. The Lauren leather lounge in black looks great when teamed with some zebra print cushions or a black and white throw.

You can use other items to work some darker shades into your living room, including decorative bowls, vases, candles, and even small benches or stools. A garden stool in a darker jewel tone can add both function and colour as a small side table next to a lounge or recliner.

Winter has always been about ways to stay warm and cosy, textures and patterns look amazing in a living room or scattered or thrown over a Renata leather lounge, when you incorporate some winter textures like velvet, cashmere, wool and chenille to your existing living room colour scheme you can transform your living room into a winter-ready, warm and cosy room in no time.