Leather lounges are unmatched when it comes to style, class, and durability.

Nevertheless, buying a leather lounge requires a little homework if you’re to get the right type at the perfect price. Knowing what you’re after and what will suit your lifestyle will help you navigate a market brimming with leather lounges of different sizes, styles, and qualities. Taking the extra time to look into your needs means you’re more likely to take home a leather lounge that suits you and your lifestyle.

Establish Whether it’s Real or Faux Leather

Many shoppers have been left disappointed after snapping up what they believe is a bargain leather lounge only to find out later it isn’t the real deal. With faux leather becoming more popular in high street stores as well as big-box department stores, it’s important for shoppers to be able to differentiate the two. One of the key things to look for is to check if the piece comprises of different patches joined together. You can best tell this by looking at the back and the side panels of the lounge.

If you find that the panels are too large to be true and the grain too smooth, it’s very likely to be faux leather. If in any doubt, always ask the seller whether what’s in front of you is real or faux leather.

Minor Imperfections On the Surface

If there is something you can be sure of, it’s that real leather doesn’t have a perfect surface. A true natural grain will have some grooves, or “pebbling” and the surface may even be slightly uneven. Most of the fake and faux leather options are smooth and have no patches – but some high-end versions may try to imitate this natural feature with a regular pattern.

Leather Lounge Price

Although not a sure indicator of whether the leather is real, in almost all cases real leather is more expensive than faux leather. The price difference is usually significant, but it is important to consider price against the other indicators– but be wary for faux lounges masquerading as real with exorbitant price points.

Check the Label for Details

When choosing a leather lounge, it is highly advisable to purchase from a reputable store. The good news is that there are many leather lounge stores in Australia where you can purchase genuine furniture, but if you can find a reputable store then you’re more likely to select an expertly crafted piece. A store that stands up for the quality and durability of their products will gladly share with customers the details of what their pieces are made of, and what sort of wear and tear they can expect. All of this should be available on the product tag in-store. At Brescia, We carry all the world’s most respected furniture brands.

Knowing the Different Types of Leather

One of the most popular and reliable ways to identify faux from real leather is the smell. The smell of true leather is distinctive with a mature, appealing, and rich aroma. Whereas faux leather, can carry a somewhat sharp chemical odour.

Being able to tell between real and fake leather is a great starting point, but it’s equally important to know that there are different types of real leather. For example, aniline leather is a type that has a distinctive organic stain that gives it a soft and warm touch. On the other hand, a pigmented type, which is considered the most durable, features an opaque coating and is resistant to stains. For something in-between, you may want to consider semi-aniline leather type which combines the best of both worlds.

Choosing a leather lounge doesn’t have to be complicated; by doing a little research and understanding your needs you’ll be sure you get the best with your next investment piece. At Brescia, our sales, administration, delivery and service teams have many years of experience so you receive the best service before and after your purchase.

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