When it comes to modern-day lounge, leather lounges are the avant-garde, must-have furniture. If you are looking for ideas to give your lounge a stunning new look, we have you covered by listing the top lounge ideas for 2019.

Get ready to be inspired by these super comfy lounges with amazing styles.


True to its name, the Allure lounge lures the entire family to it, promising unparalleled comfort with style. Varied resting positions and luxurious padding make it one of the best relaxing lounges available.

An award winner, the Allure lounge stands out when it comes to sleek design with supreme comfort. The shiny metal legs, sleek armrests, and the best quality Italian leather make this a must-have for lounges in 2019.


A 100% leather geometric furniture that can be supplemented with an optional tray table along with touch lighting. Imagine reading your favourite book on this superb lounge.

Adjust the back-seat position to your liking, use it in a seating or lying position, the Blues are a true masterpiece ideal for small spaces for practical use.


It’s hard not to feel jolly in the Jolly club chair. With a unique design, Jolly beckons the on-looker to plop down on this single seater. It is ideal to go with 5 or 7 seaters in lounges hence providing separate seating in addition to a group.

Children especially love the snug all-around feeling when they rest on the Jolly while adults enjoy the extra support provided by the unique design of this chair.


Lauren is part of the lounge that promises 100% comfort; shoulder support through a high back, a luxurious soft padded cushioning and armrests that are spacious. The corner lounge set features a chaise component with optional storage.

Relax, and quickly pack away the toys, books and miscellaneous in the chaise. A no-worry 100% leather lounge furniture that comes in black and white colour options.


If you are looking for the ultimate lounge that provides an ultra-comfort, luxurious outlook, and hosts the perfect seat for each member of the family- Caviar is your dream lounge! With numerous extras-, this is the lounge that suits everyone’s needs. Choose from a myriad of beautiful configurations.

This favourite2019 leather lounge provides varied backrest positions and leg recline options as well as the option of an adjacent table for comfort placement of beverages. A soft, spacious lounge that beckons to it. Only an irresistible part of your house.

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