When it comes to choosing a new dining table for your home, there are just so many shapes, colours and designs to choose from. Not only is the actual look and feel of the table important, but you have to make sure it will fit the area perfectly, and provide you with enough seating.

When your table is in place – and in use, you need a table that has enough room to seat everybody and still leave enough room to walk around it comfortably. Ideally, your table should be at least 92cm wide to give you room for food and place settings. In general, as the length of the table increases so does the width of the table.

At 90cm wide, the Airport is an extra-long extension table, which is the perfect *starting point* when looking for a rectangular and/or extension table for your home.

Before purchasing your dining table in Sydney measure your wall to table clearance. To allow your diners to sit down and get up easily from the table allow a 106 – 122cm gap between your table and the walls. If you have other furniture in the room (a combined lounge/dining for example), measure 106 – 122cm from the edge of the furniture, rather than from the wall.

One of the best (but somewhat unusual) ways to test out a table size in the space is to use a bed sheet that is folded up to the exact size of the table. You can visualise better how much – or how little – space your table will take up, and it makes it easier to measure the table to the wall, table to furniture clearance.

Don’t overcrowd your table. You want your guests to be seated, so they don’t touch elbows while eating. Each person needs at least 60cm of space when eating, of course, if your table allows you may be able to add in another seat or two for those times when you have more people over than usual.

Round tables are great for small spaces. They fit into tight areas and don’t have sharp corners to bump into. You can often fit more people on a round table as there are no corners if you want more leg room opt for a pedestal table.  A pedestal base also allows for more seating because it eliminates the legs of one chair getting in the way of another chair. If you add some transparent acrylic chairs you will not only make the room seem bigger – you’ll be able to show off your beautiful dining table.

The downside to a roundtable is it can be hard for people to reach for food (unless you add a lazy Susan to the table top). Rectangular table shapes work better if you are seating a lot of people. Rectangular tables also work well in long narrow rooms, it leaves more room for traffic, and as with other tables, the longer the table the wider the width.

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