The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house – a sanctuary for relaxation after a busy day at the workplace. For this reason, you must invest in high-quality furniture and bedding to ensure you get ample rest, rising ready and fresh for the next day.

However, it is challenging to find the right furniture. More people are opting for complete collections to save time, money, and other benefits. But are they worth it? What types are available? What should you consider when purchasing them?

Types of Bedroom Collections

Here are the most common bedroom furniture collections available in the market.

  • Two-piece – consists of a bed and a simple bedside table. It’s ideal for small bedrooms and people who live alone.
  • Three-piece comprises a bed, bedside table, and a simple storage option, like a chest of drawers or a small freestanding wardrobe.
  • Four-piece – has a bed, bedside table, a spacious wardrobe, and a designated dressing area.
  • Five-piece – has the components of a four-piece set, a TV console, and an entertainment area.

The bigger your budget, the bigger the set you can purchase. You can also order custom bedroom collections from Brescia Furniture if you love unique and tailored designs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bedroom Furniture Collection

There are several factors to consider when shopping for bedroom furniture in Sydney. They include:

Room Size

The most crucial consideration factor when shopping for a bedroom set is your room’s size. Like other household furniture, your choice must be proportional to the available room. Choose smaller units like two-piece and three-piece sets if you have limited floor space. Otherwise, let your budget define your limit – you can purchase a collection with as many as ten pieces, provided you leave enough space to move freely.


The amount of money you have also determines the type of bedroom furniture set you can acquire. If you have a tight budget, starting with the most fundamental equipment, including the bed, a bedside table, and a small storage unit, is wise. Later, you can add other items like a dressing table, a more extensive wardrobe, and even an entertainment centre if the space and money allow.

On the other hand, those with lots of money can splash it on anything they want. It makes sense to purchase an entire set because it saves time researching individual pieces. It also makes it easier to achieve decorative harmony.

Number of Users

How many people will be sleeping in your bedroom? Do you sleep alone or share it with others? The number of people sleeping in a room also influences the furniture set you purchase. For example, a shared bedroom must have multiple beds and storage units. Here, space is also a key determinant – for smaller rooms; you’ll need decked beds to leave enough room for movement, while larger spaces can accommodate several regular beds.

Contrarily, a bedroom used by one person only requires the bare minimum – a bed, a table, and a storage unit. Other additions are a matter of personal preference.


Lastly, you must also consider the intended use of the bedroom. If you plan to use it as the master bedroom, pay attention to fine details. Everyone wants the best for themselves, so you must choose the best bed, tables, wardrobes, and other accessories.

Similarly, you must also take time when choosing furniture for your kids’ room. Children love vibrant colours and attractive patterns, so ensure your choice includes these elements.

You may be able to rein in your purchases when it comes to the guestrooms. Since these spaces are only occupied when you have visitors, you can purchase fewer items, like a bed, a table, and a small closet. That said, don’t be overly frugal – you still want to create a beautiful and inviting space!

The Benefits of Purchasing Full Bedroom Furniture Collections

Are you planning to purchase new furniture for your bedroom? Here are the advantages of getting a full bedroom collection.

Optimal Space Usage

When purchasing furniture, size is the most critical consideration. Purchasing individual pieces means you must measure whenever you add a new unit, making it challenging to keep track of the amount of space left in your bedroom. On the contrary, purchasing an entire set eliminates the need for repetitive measurements – you only do it once. As a result, you efficiently use the amount of space available.

It Makes It Easy to Find Desired Style

The bedroom is a private, intimate space that must conform to your style preferences. Purchasing one piece at a time makes it difficult to achieve a harmonious outlook, as you aren’t guaranteed to find equipment that matches your existing collection. For instance, you might have a rustic bedside table but struggle to find a matching closet, resulting in a stylistic mismatch.

Contrarily, purchasing a complete set guarantees a matching style. If you like contemporary finishes, you’re sure the entire set will meet your preferences. Besides, you save the time you’d have spent looking for matching items.


Purchasing furniture is time-consuming, as you must consider style, size, materials, and other factors before settling on a particular choice. It takes even longer if you choose to buy one piece at a time. Purchasing a full set is more convenient since you see all the features and decide more quickly.

Wrapping Up

Your bedroom is an important space that allows you to relax and rest as you wait for the following day. Besides quality furniture, it also needs a beautiful design that eases your mind and lets you wake up fresh, energised, and looking forward to the day’s activities.  As seen above, purchasing furniture collections is time-saving and economical, making it easier to find the desired style. At Brescia, you’ll find a wide selection of bedroom furniture Sydney that caters to all your needs.

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