The living room is the second heart of a home. It is all about family and deep connections, so decorating it can be exciting and fun but also daunting. Reflecting on the household’s identity, here is where you will entertain your guests the most, and choosing the right piece of wall art can be a great conversation starter.

While looking through home magazines and browsing the internet for decor inspiration is always a good idea, it is equally important to consider what kind of atmosphere you would like to create with your living room wall decor. Do you want the room to feel formal or relaxed? Inspiring or whimsical? Consider how you use the space – do you host a lot of parties? Have family or friends over frequently? Do you like to lounge and watch movies on lazy Sundays? Maybe you would like to match your living room wall art to the other interior, like cushions, rugs or Italian-made leather lounges. Once you find wall art that reflects your family’s personality, it will all come together. Read on to learn all about decorating living room walls!

Top 3 Things to Consider When Decorating Living Room Walls

Focus on determining your interior design style if you are unsure what décor would complement your living room walls best. Find out the colour palette you are using and the type of wall art you like in other spaces, whether in your home, a friend’s house, or something you have seen online. Understanding these elements will make designing your living room wall much easier!

1 – Interior Design Style

If you are unsure if your living quarters give off Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Bohemian, or Coastal vibes, browsing through Pinterest often helps to identify and determine your interior. Once you know your taste and style, you may find it easier to choose décor pieces that match the elegance of leather lounges Sydney and also reflect your personal aesthetic.

2 – Colour Palette

If you want to repaint your living room, the colour will depend on your wall art, decor, and furniture. Hence, selecting a paint colour before deciding how to decorate your living room walls can result in a mismatched look that does not harmonise well with the aesthetic of the existing interior. Since painting is relatively easy and inexpensive, do it last once you know your overall colour scheme to achieve a cohesive look.

3 – Wall Art

A room with bare walls can feel empty and unfinished unless your home’s interior follows a minimalistic design. But for Bohemian, Mid-Century and Coastal interiors, these styles offer lots of varied wall art to hang above your leather lounges. To make the living room the social hub of your home, choose decor that reflects who you truly are. Here are some ideas on how to arrange living room wall art in ways such as:

  • A gallery wall
  • A single, oversized focal piece
  • Mirrors to reflect light and make a small room feel larger
  • Floating shelves with decorative vases, sculptures and more
  • Unusual items like plates, rugs, pressed plants or souvenirs
  • A photo board or photo string of your adventures
  • Sculptural wall scones or wall-mounted lighting

Accent Wall Ideas

An accent wall in your living room is a quick and easy way to tie a room together or even combine two rooms to make them seem larger. By visually creating a focal point, you can also create a separation within a room and give the space a decorative flair. Bringing together the overall colour scheme of your home without jeopardising the aesthetic adds intrigue and dynamic energy to the overall ambience.

Try these accent wall ideas:

  • Paint a wall a bright colour like orange, yellow or vibrant blue
  • Use geometric wallpaper
  • Paint horizontal stripes in 2 shades of the same colour
  • Build in customised shelving as an accent
  • Create a chalkboard wall children and guests will love
  • Inlay the wall with tiles for a pop of colour and stunning design
  • Add a slat wall for some personality and a slight Mid-Century touch

How To Decorate a Large Wall in a Living Room

Staring at blank, large walls can be daunting. But rather than thinking of it as a bare space that needs to be covered, think of it as a blank canvas, as the space offers many possibilities to show off your creativity and interior design skills! If you are unsure how to decorate that big living room wall and want to keep things feeling fresh but curated, try these ideas:

  • Lean a huge mirror against the wall
  • A console table makes a beautiful and functional accent piece
  • Position a large plant that takes up wall space
  • Hang a large rug
  • Display oversized art
  • Make a statement with metal wall art
  • Use a bold, large wall art decal

Decorating With Italian-Made Leather Lounges Sydney

If you’re lucky enough to own exclusive leather lounges, you will want to carefully consider the rest of your decor to complement their elegant look. Stick to a neutral colour palette with muted tones that allow the polished leather to take centre stage. You can do so by layering in natural textures like wood, rattan or linen to add visual interest without overwhelming the space and keeping wall decor simple and elegant. Perhaps add a large abstract painting or a grouping of framed botanical prints. The key is to let the luxurious lounges be the star attraction while creating a cohesive, sophisticated living space around them.

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