Our sleekest fabric lounges

One of the main things to consider when selecting a new lounge is whether to choose a leather lounge or a fabric one. There are some distinct benefits to buying a fabric lounge.

Fabric lounges are easy to keep clean, and this is one of the reasons they are a popular choice. Most fabric lounges have removable covers to make cleaning easier with some resistant to water and stains, this means everyday spills can be cleaned, and the lounge can even occasionally be steam cleaned to keep it vibrant and fresh.
Fabric lounges are comfortable – leather lounges can feel cold to …

How to keep your light-coloured leather lounge looking like new

Leather is a popular and durable material and it’s sturdy, because of this it is a great choice for your home. Unlike popular belief leather isn’t hard to keep clean and keeping your leather lounge looking like new is easy if you follow a few simple steps.


Clean up any food spills immediately, as any oils in the food can bond permanently with the leather
Regularly clean and moisturise your leather lounge to maintain its appearance. If you live in a more extreme climate you may need to moisturise your leather lounge a little more often. Always read the care label on …

Why people prefer leather lounges over fabric lounges

When shopping for a new lounge, people wonder whether to choose leather or fabric. A lounge is an important part of our home, it’s where we relax after a long day, it’s where we entertain guests, it’s where we spend time with the family.

A leather lounge is a great investment, a good quality leather lounge will last you for many years, so it’s important that you choose one that is suited to both your lifestyle and your home.

What is it about leather lounges people love?
Leather lounges are extremely durable and will last you a lot longer than an average fabric …

Bedroom colour palette’s that are hot right now

There are so many ways to spruce up your bedroom, whether you are giving your room a complete makeover – paint and all or you just want to freshen your room up you need to give it some careful thought and planning.

You spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in the house, it’s the first room you see in the morning, and the last room you see at night. The first thing you need to do is pick your colour and style from the trends that are happening now. Do you like the contemporary palette of …

Our most popular bedroom suites

Whether you are giving your home a makeover, or moving into a new home, replacing old, or buying much needed new bedroom furniture Sydney can be both exciting and daunting. Furniture is often the focal part of the room and bedroom furniture gets used the most. When it comes to choosing the right bedroom furniture Sydney for your room:

Look for inspiration – if you’re not sure where to start look through catalogues and magazines for ideas for your bedroom.
Go beyond the basics – of course when thinking bedroom, you want a bed, but there are other options, is the room …

Our Most Popular Lounges This Season

People have been going wild over this season’s range of lounges, for good reason! We have got some absolutely stunning lounges in stock. With the quality range available, shopping for a lounge has never been more exciting. Regardless of your taste, if you’re after something fun and vibrant that adds some real zeal, or a lounge with the executive appeal, here at Brescia furniture, we have you covered. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most popular lounges of this season’s range.
The Zen
Let’s start off with something fun and practical. The Zen lounge is a …

Living room colour palettes for winter

As we head further into winter, you find the days get shorter and darker and the weather gets colder. Finding ways to make your home feel cosy can be challenging. Without redoing your whole living room, there are ways you can decorate the room, to make it feel more *winter friendly* – these colours can take you right through to spring.

Bright white works well with neutral tones like light grey.

You can maximise your decorating by incorporating some items that don’t just brighten your home but coordinate with your decor. Real or artificial fruit is a great way to add some …

Sleep in with these bedroom suites

Your bedroom should be a comfortable retreat, a place where you can sleep in on the weekend or relax in after a busy day at work. There is a huge range of bedroom furniture Sydney available today, from bedheads to dressers that will make your bedroom dream a reality. From bright white furniture to rich dark colours there is something for everyone.

You can buy bedroom furniture Sydney in a suite where all the pieces match and go together, or, you can opt to mix and match pieces to create your own style.

Bedroom furniture essentials:

Bed – this should be the focal …

Our most elegant lounge suites

You can really tell a lot about a person by the lounge they own. Low slung lounges indicate student accommodation, while structured two seat settees point to a happy couple, modular lounge suits scream family living. Whatever lounge suite you are looking for, you need to take time to look at all the different options, after all, you are going to be spending a lot of time on your lounge.

Depending on your budget, a lounge is an investment, so you want to get it right.


Proportion of the lounge and placement compared to the overall space is the key to making …

Bedroom colour palette’s for Winter

We all know spring cleaning is a thing, but what about winter renovations? While our cold season isn’t as miserable as the snowed-in months in many parts of the world, it does get rather dark and dreary. The endless rain and cloudy skies can bring anybody down, so it’s an excellent excuse to brighten your bedroom mood. Some new splashes of colour could be just what the doctor ordered, especially since winter tempts you to spend more time in bed.
Winter white
This seems counter-intuitive, but white bedroom furniture in Sydney will brighten your room. Its reflective properties enhance the light levels …

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