Today, we’re talking about all things bedroom furniture in Sydney. Particularly when looking for bedroom furniture in Sydney, you want to create a cosy and warm oasis. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your haven. A place where you can retreat and truly unwind after a long day. However, most of us can neglect our bedrooms and fill them with bedroom furniture that we already have. While this can work in the interim, the practical charm wears off after a while and as a result, our bedrooms can feel mismatched or filled with bedroom furniture that we don’t even like.

What Bedroom Furniture to Include When Creating a Sleep Haven in Sydney?

Creating a sleep haven is all about putting together your favourite bedroom furniture essentials. These are the main pieces that make up your sanctuary. Our team at Brescia Furniture has put together a list of what makes up your sleep haven. It’s our way of inspiring you to redefine your bedroom with bedroom furniture.


We have to start out with the most important piece in your bedroom. Your bed is where you get to lay your head down and relax, so of course, this needs to be a piece of bedroom furniture you love. When selecting a bed and deciding what kind of bedroom furniture you’ll invest in for your bedroom sanctuary, go for the quality. When you sleep in your bed for eight hours a night, the quality makes a huge difference to your overall sleep and well-being. Here at Brescia Furniture, we only offer high-quality Italian-made beds in a huge range of styles to suit everyone. Go for something modern and sleek with Artemide, or create more of a sultry vibe with Etna.

To match your high-quality bed, you also need to pick a mattress that compliments you. Although deciding on the right mattress can take time, it’s worth being sure about your decision.

Soft Furnishings

To match your high-quality, luxurious bed, you need the sheets and soft furnishings to match. As much as having bedroom furniture will fill up your bedroom, it’s your bed linens and throw blankets that will help to soften the space. To create a true sanctuary, use a cohesive colour palette. Matching or using complementary colours to your bedroom furniture will give an overall relaxed look. This helps our minds unwind and go into a state of relaxation at night.

Bedside Table

When you’re looking for bedroom furniture in Sydney, a bedside table is a must. A matching pair of bedside tables not only gives you the practical element of storage but also provides a clean look. Similar to this, bedside tables provide a pleasing look of symmetry. Using bedside tables is a great way to take advantage of multifunctional bedroom furniture.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest mood changers in a bedroom. It can either make your bedroom feel stark and too bright, or it can make your bedroom feel calm and composed. The difference in these is huge.

To create ambient lighting, we recommend you layer your lighting. This is where you start with your traditional downlights and build upon this. For example, adding dimmer lights, if possible, adding a lamp to the corner of the bedroom and some bedside sconces or lamps to your bedside tables.


To add to your cosy sanctuary, rugs are exactly what you need. Rugs tick the box of being both practical and aesthetic. When you’re looking at your overall bedroom and all of your bedroom furniture, it can often feel like everything is cluttered or, more so, furniture pieces don’t have their own space. By introducing rugs, you automatically create zones within your bedroom. When you add a rug under your bed, this creates a ‘zone’, and then when you add another rug to your corner chair with a lamp and side table, this creates a ‘zone’. What this does is allows the eye to visually see there are different areas within one, rather than getting overwhelmed.

In addition to this, rugs create immediate texture and colour and add a punch of personality to a space. This is where you can really anchor your space with a tonal colour or add a burst of life.

Storage Options

Within your bedroom, you need a place to store all of your items. Whether this is a small chest of drawers or a full wardrobe within your bedroom, storage is a must. How many people sleep in the bedroom will determine the amount of storage you need. However, there are a huge amount of perks of investing in a full bedroom collection. These collections vary from two-piece to five-piece.

Let Your Bedroom Be for Sleeping

While this might not necessarily be something you add to your bedroom, it’s a rule that applies to anyone and everyone. Let your bedroom be for sleeping. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve seen the rise of home offices, and unfortunately, some of these have slowly crept into the bedroom. Where you can avoid working or, even worse, bringing your desk into the bedroom, adding these elements to your bedroom doesn’t allow your mind to fully relax and avoids creating a sleep haven.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you get your bedroom furniture from in Sydney, it should be a sanctuary. A place that you can come home to every night, relax and simply enjoy. This is something our team here at Brescia Furniture is passionate about. We believe that you’ll enjoy your space and get the most out of it by investing in high-quality pieces that will truly last you a lifetime. If you’re interested in putting together a bedroom sanctuary that you can call your own, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for and how our pieces can help you achieve this. In the meantime, if you’re seeking inspiration, follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest pieces and what we love.

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