Most homeowners agree that furniture changes rooms from dull and drafty to comfy, appealing spaces. For those with leather lounges, their living rooms have a tasteful yet timeless look and feel all year round.

Here is our guide to creating a warm and inviting space in your home during winter. Besides discovering the allure of leather lounges, you will learn which accessories create a warm home.

How Leather Lounges Can Transform Your Home

If your home looks and feels like a scene from a chilly and bland era, it is time to bring in the much-needed contemporary changes. You can instantly create a snug space with a few professional and personal touches.

To kick-start this ambitious yet worthwhile goal, we begin with leather lounges. Leather is a natural material best known for bringing warmth to a room. The rich tones and quality appearance bring character into the space and introduce comfort to an otherwise dull environment.

Benefits Of Leather Lounges

One of the outstanding benefits of leather lounges is that they are made tough to last several lifetimes. While this may be the primary reason to purchase them, there are various advantages to owning leather furniture in winter.

First, unlike fabric couches, a leather seat will retain warmth even when the material appears cool. Besides being porous, it breathes easily, adapting to the surrounding temperature. As a result, they are the perfect furniture for a warm snuggle all winter by the fire.

Another benefit of using leather lounges is their hypoallergenic material. If your loved ones suffer from allergies, leather does not shed and is the perfect solution for your home. In addition, it will not collect pet hair, dust mites, or other common house furniture allergens.

Lastly, while they add a modern touch to your living room, leather lounges will be easy to clean and maintain. You only need to use the recommended cleaning products and a soft cloth to wipe them down.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Leather Lounge

Most leather lounge stores will help you choose the leather sofa that suits your home. Since they are professionals, they have the expertise to match your vision while considering your budget.

Besides value for money, there are a few things to consider when choosing leather lounges.

These include:

  • Frames. Consider a hardwood frame if you want longevity. Otherwise, pick a metal frame for a modern minimalist look.
  • Leather Quality. While full-grain leather is ideal, it may be costly. On the other hand, semi-aniline leather couches last equally long without breaking the bank.
  • Style and Colour. Leather lounges Alexandria stores stock various couch styles, depending on your preference. You can choose the traditional dark-toned ones or opt for contemporary seats in bright colours. Your choice should blend with the rest of the room.

Incorporating Accessories Into Your Home To Cosy It Up

Now that you have a leather lounge investing in warm accessories is the next step to spruce up your home. It may be cold outside, but your house can become welcoming with some colour, texture, and lighting changes.

Here are a few accessories that will transform any living room, bedroom, kitchen, or home office into a pleasant winter haven.

8 Accessories To Create A Warm And Inviting Space In Your Home During Winter

We all want cosier living spaces, especially during winter. You will need new decorating ideas and warm and welcoming accessories. Some of the best interior design recommendations are:

1. Bring heat into the space

Nothing shouts warmth more than a fireplace. Install a modern gas heater or wood-burning stove if you do not have an existing fireplace. Later, rearrange your leather lounges to face the heat source for cheerful family conversations.

2. Extra linen in the bedroom

While you may love using your favourite airy sheets during summer and spring, you will need a heavy duvet for winter. Add a fur or knit blanket at the foot of your bed to warm your feet, as layers are your best friend during the cold season.

3. Hang heavy curtains

Switch out the flowy, soft sheer summer curtains for heavy material drapes. Ensure they hang from floor to ceiling for an elegant appearance while covering the entire window to keep the cold out.

4. Warm-coloured throws and pillows

Make the leather lounge the focal point of the room by adding bright-coloured pillows and throw blankets. Besides brightening the room, your family will love the extra heat they provide. Place a few larger pillows on the floor for additional seating near the fire.

5. Cosy up your Outdoor space

If your family loves the outdoors, even in winter, you must spruce up your outdoor seating area. Make the space inviting by replacing the furniture with warmer pieces and building a fire pit or gas heater if you do not have one.

6. Warm the floor using carpets

No one wants to walk barefoot on a cold floor. Using rugs in the living room, bedrooms, and hallways is stylish and functional, especially during cold weather. Choose patterns and tones that compliment your furniture and entire decor.

7. Softer lighting

Ambiance plays a major role in creating a warm home in winter. For softer lighting, switch out overhead lights for warmer floor or table lamps. Consider lights that can dim for even better results. Alternatively, light a few candles every evening, but keep them on safe surfaces as they are a fire hazard.

8. Plants and flowers with a personal touch

Do not forget the kitchen. Despite the heat from various appliances, it may get chilly, especially in large open spaces. Place small pots of fresh herbs along the window sill to keep out cold air while allowing them to grow. If you have counter space, a vase of fresh flowers will keep you in good spirits while adding charm to the room.


By appearance, fabric sofas seem warmer in winter, unlike leather lounges. However, the opposite is the truth. Leather is perfect in winter. It may be initially cold to the touch, but once your body warms up, it will absorb the heat and stay warm longer.

If you want solutions to warm your home this winter, contact Brescia Furniture for leather lounges. Their team of experts will help you pick one to make your environment homey during this and every cold season.

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