The bedroom is the space in the home where you want to feel the most comfort, beauty and charm. Feeling happy from your surroundings the first thing when you wake up and the last thing before falling asleep is quite important. There are certain items you want or need to be there, but there is a smart way to ensure your needs are attended to, while decor and style still persevere. Here are some multifunctional items which will help you attain both objectives:

A Babette Vase

Firstly, having a vase in the room is a fantastic invitation for a constant influx of flowers. Natural plants brighten up a space more than anything else, plus they demand a call for change. Throwing away old flowers and buying new ones is a great way to give a constantly fresh feel to your room without too much effort or rearrangement. The babette style is particularly alluring with its long slender shape and rounded edges. Even without the flowers, it will add elegance and style to your bedroom.

An Athena Bookcase

Who says a bookcase should only house books? Of course it can or, they can take up one or several shelves, but this piece very well can serve to display other attractive items or store them. The asymmetrical sectioning offers a sleek look and a sense of space and framing around the objects placed on it. The bookcase can be used in many creative ways to achieve different kinds of effects. For example, placing tealight candles, each on different shelves, will give a soft glow around your objects and within the framing of the shelves’ border. A bookcase like this makes a dynamic option for your bedroom.

A Damasco Mirror

All bedrooms should possess at least one mirror, to make it complete, and for the occupant to  look at themselves whilst getting ready. Additionally, mirrors have a superb effect on space and light in the room, making it feel bigger and brighter. A Damasco mirror, however, is exceptionally special as it is first and foremost, a decorative piece. Embellished  with an overlay of ornamental design manifested through a silkscreen, it recalls grace, beauty, and fine taste. It will suit well in any area of the room where it can reflect the most light, but especially suits directly across from the bed.


Named after the Ottoman Empire, these pieces are timeless and classic additions to your bedroom. They are traditionally cushion looking and overstuffed, giving a feeling of coziness as well as glamour. You can use them in many ways. Firstly, they can hold items like odd bits around the home, magazines, or cocktail tray. They can also be used as footstools, considering that they are somewhat low to the ground. However, they are tall enough to function as seats as well. And most importantly, they serve a decorative purpose, often matching other pieces of furniture in the room and adding to the overall look.

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