Making your bedroom aesthetically pleasing is not as difficult as you might think. It is probably one of the most fun-filled parts of home decorating. However, don’t forget that as fun as it may be, a bedroom is the most essential part of the home, with the kitchen running a close second. We are all faced with busy schedules so, the importance of a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated, and it all comes down to the furniture and bed.

A bed is the primary focal point of any bedroom. Getting a bed that is comfortable and suits the entire décor of your bedroom can be difficult. But not anymore! BRESCIA, the provider of bedroom furniture Sydney has put together five incredible bed options for your bedroom


This Italian double-bed is the prime choice for couples. ACCADEMIA bedroom furniture collection brings together the warmth of lacquered contoured glass and oak impeccably. It gives you a slightly over-the-top feel with its wooden features. With soft embossed bed fitted with LED and quilted upholstery, the ACCADEMIA bedroom collection can bring depth in your bedroom.

  1. Bellagio

This funky bed is exceptionally suitable for a shabby-chic style bedroom and entirely fits in with the trend of dark, deep bed frames. Bellagio is another Italian wonder that Aussie couples prefer to have in their bedrooms. The simple yet sophisticated design is perfect for a small-to-medium sized bedroom. There are plenty of storage options, as well. The bed is made from a number of panels making it light.


If you love the idea of having ingenious bedroom furniture, then CANOVA is for you. This Italian masterpiece boasts a gracious headboard and is finished in a white high gloss with chrome accents. The bed design is given a qualified touch and is mostly preferred by young couples. The bed is not as bulky as it looks like and comes in a vast range to fit every room of your home.

  1. EVA

The EVA bedroom collection is engulfed with modern style and comfort. The bed is composed of birch wood with chrome accents and comes with optional under-bed storage. It boats an incredibly contemporary piece of furnishing that anyone would love to have in their homes. This collection makes way for an incredibly stylish room.

  1. NIZZA

The very definition of floating bed style, the NIZZA bedroom collection very much looks like anybody’s dream bedroom. The bed is available in a variety of storage options with an Italian touch.

With the development in the ideology of interiors, these bedroom furniture collections have proven to be a comfortable cohort for everyone.

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