Whether it’s that new leather Barcalounger or a beautiful vintage chair you bought from the leather lounge stores; you know this piece needs to blend in well with the decor around the living room.

A few statement pieces from Brescia Furniture can help you through this dilemma. Styling your leather lounge can be a fun activity when you know the plethora of options you have at your expense!

You can easily breathe in some fresh air to your living room by adding some smart changes. Let’s see your options here.

Modern White

All white is a timeless piece. A white lounge looks sleek, clean, fresh, and elegant. You can pair cream colored pillows, grey throw blankets, wooden tables and bookshelves to go with your white lounge.

Contemporary French

The French always do it right, don’t they? You can add bright yellow sectional furniture with a cream-coloured lounge, a sleek vanity table, and mocha wallpaper.

There’s a reason why apartments in Paris give off that romantic vibe. Architectural details, outstanding comfort level, and time-worn elegance are an inspiration to look into when styling a vintage living room.

Bring in the Coziness

I’m a big fan of the Danish concept; the hygge (pronounced as hue-gah). This comfortable lounge can work wonders to bring in some warmth, coziness and an overall relaxed environment.

You can add fairy lights on the wall behind your leather lounge, throw in fluff pillows, cozy blankets, and add a bookshelf in the corner. What you have is a living room where you can unwind after a long day at work!

Keep it Trendy

Cool hues, wooden furniture, a pop of colour here and there, lots of plants, a bright canvas, white-coloured fur throw blankets, and big carpets are trendy options that suit all kinds of living room spaces.

When you want to buy a few timeless pieces, I believe you’d stick to the stuff that never goes out of style.

The Minimal Look

Minimalists often tend to avoid experimenting with huge and comfortable leather furniture. I say, get out of your comfort zone and buy that leather lounge you secretly love!

The secret to styling your apartment with a minimalist look is to choose sleek pieces (not-so-shabby) and pair them with a few modern living room essentials. Less is more, and clean-spaced living room will attract more attention to your beautiful leather lounge.

All Black!

Many interior decorators and décor bloggers are on board with the all-black room trend. The neutral colours of a leather lounge (obviously paired with creamy cushions, brown rugs, and sheepskin chairs) offer an exciting contrast with black walls.

This is it for styling your living room around a leather lounge. Let me know in the comments section how you’d like to style your living area.

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