The perfect furniture creates the backbone of any home. Interior design trends come and go, but timeless furniture pieces are key to creating a stylish home year in, year out. From leather lounges to wooden dining tables, there are some timeless pieces that will continue to evoke style and sophistication. The Calligaris Saint Tropez chair is one of them. We’ve shared a few reasons to show why this chair is not only stylish but also excellent quality and extremely practical.


Quality is guaranteed

Italy is the home of elegance and sophistication. When you see that furniture and clothing are made in Italy, you can feel rest assured that you’ll be receiving a product of quality and style. The Calligaris is Italian made and ticks all the boxes for stylishness, but it’s also surprisingly versatile.

The chair’s shell is made of very fine polycarbonate, which is said to be the best fabric amongst all techno-polymers. The design mimics the quilted fabric look, yet its hard surface makes it very easy to clean and maintain. Unlike genuine quilted fabrics, you don’t need to worry about spillages or wear and tear with this chair – it will continue to remain resilient while maintaining its polished finish.


Practical and stylish

Some people might think that a hard dining chair might be less comfortable than one with soft or plush materials. In this case, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find just how comfortable the Saint Tropez chair is. It’s all thanks to the phenomenal ergonomics, which have taken into account the functionality and purpose of the dining chair. So, this chair is not just a pretty face, but pretty enjoyable to use too.

While you may be surprised by the comfort and practicality of the chair, you can also guarantee the aesthetic will be very impressive. The delicate lines and slightly raised armrests add interest and detail to the chair, without being overpowering. Many dining chairs can look stiff and dull, harking back to the traditional wooden style with bland cushions and no armrests. The Saint Tropez range challenges all notions of traditional furniture and shows that you can have the best of both worlds with pieces that are undeniably elegant and comfortable at the same time.

This Saint Tropez chair is available in a wide range of colours. From neutral tones to bright and brassy, there’s a shade to suit the colour palette of any room. The versatility and stylishness of this piece will bring your dining or living room to life. The quirky design and illuminating colour add a real sense of character to the room, while the practicality and functionality of the design will guarantee your comfort.