Think about your favourite friend’s house … or maybe your favourite house among your friends. What do you love about it? What makes you want to keep going back, and which aspects of their décor would you like to reproduce in yours? Now go a little more micro, what’s the first thing you notice when you walk into their house? Depending on the kind of person you are, you may zero into the TV or their fancy fireplace…

But in most situations, the first thing you’ll spot is their lounge. It’s the single most significant piece of furniture in any room, so your eyes can’t help sizing it up. If it’s cosy and inviting, you might feel an almost physical tug to sink into its lush cushions, even if it’s a stately leather lounge. This tells you when you want to make a dramatic shift in the mood of your living room, start with the lounge. Often, that one change transforms your living space.


Think about the mood

First, decide on the type of change you’re going for. Maybe you want to alter your colour scheme bit by bit. Because a lounge draws focus, the hue you choose will set the tone for the rest of the room. You could opt for something mild and neutral or pick something with a little more drama. If your room is particularly large and you’re looking to fill up space, consider something like Caviar or Hennessey. These pale, L-shaped lounges could be all the furniture you need because they define your room by ‘curving’ around it.

Hennessey is particularly impressive, because you can order it in leather or fabric, and it has electric recliner functionality. It works in smaller rooms too, because it doesn’t need a gap from the wall. It has a feature called zerowall space saver, which means the lounge doesn’t need to pull away from the wall when you stretch out the recliner. It extends seat and footrest in a single move, and all you have to do is press the button. Caviar has an electronic recliner as well, but it has lean-back functionality, so it needs a gap between seat and wall.


Multi-styled seating

The advantage of Caviar is you can configure it any way you like, from L-shapes to separate armchairs and love seats. Depending on your preference, you can operate your recliner manually, via electricity, or using a battery pack. Decide before you buy so that you can purchase the right set from our Brescia Furniture leather lounge store in Sydney. Caviar offers added features like cup holders, internal speakers, adjustable backrests, and serving benches to place your food, combining your seating, dining, and entertainment tools.

If you’d prefer a softer, more feminine feel (regardless of your gender), consider buying Bella. This single-seater makes quite the style statement, with its tufted buttons and beechwood feet. You may have to purchase three or four pieces, or you could buy one piece to compliment your existing furniture. It makes a cushy reading chair to nestle by the fire or sink into as you watch TV, and it shifts the ambience of your whole room.

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