There are no forbidden fruits when it comes to styling small apartments; not if you can make smart, space-saving choices. In fact, small places can be even more exciting to decorate because

  1. You don’t have to spend a lot, and
  2. You have more control over the entire theme of your apartment because you don’t need to buy too many pieces to fill in.

Brescia Furniture offers a huge variety of trendy leather lounges ranking number one in comfort, elegance, and beauty. Let’s see some of the options we have here.


The L-Shaped Lounge

The space-saving L-shaped lounge offers more sitting but can still be a little big for a small living room. If you’re bent on buying one, you can make it look the perfect fit by choosing a lightweight and sleek design.

Monochrome colours, a clean pattern, and bright pillows are the best option here. One great hack to make a tiny living room look spacious is by adding mirrors! In this case, a mirror behind the lounge really works like magic.


The Traditional Lounge

When you have a small space, you’re worried about filling it up. However, a cozy, packed, and overcrowded living room is the very essence of UK-styled apartments. The right placement of furniture is key here.

Bright patterns, contrasting colours like magenta, yellow, black and white, wall hangings, frames, flowy table cloths, and wooden clocks are some of the things to look for.

When you buy your furniture according to your personality, it doesn’t matter if the room is spacious or giving off cluterrish warmth, all that matters is that you cherish your possessions because there are a deep meaning and sense of attachment behind them.



If you’re the sole inhabitant of your apartment, you might concider buying an elegant two-seater leather lounges, instead of a complete lounge set. Throw in some chairs or bean bags for when friends visit. That way, you will have enough space to easily decorate your living room with every essential piece.

Throw blankets, and fluffy cushions go well on two-seaters when you just want to relax and watch a good movie.


Multipurpose Lounge

How about saving up some space by buying a lounge? Yes, you heard me right, getting multipurpose furniture like the ones having storage space, an attached mini table, or inbuilt shelves in your lounge can offer more functionality to your apartment.


Single Seater

A strategically placed single seater near the window can offer a good reading/working space for the nomads. If you need a quiet corner around the apartment, then a single person futon is your best investment option right now.

And we raise our glasses for designing living areas that Marie Condo would approve!


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