Did you know we spend a third of our life in bed? This means it’s important to spend a lot of time choosing the right bedroom furniture Sydney. The wrong bed can lead to backaches, lack of sleep and sore muscles. A good night’s sleep, in a comfy bed means a better you!

Here are our top tips to help you find the right bed.

  • You can’t buy a bed online, just seeing a photo of it on screen isn’t enough. You need to go and visit a few stores to try out different shapes, styles and designs to find the one that suits your needs and your room.
  • Don’t just stand there looking at the bed in the bedroom furniture Sydney showroom, you should try a bed before you buy it. Lay down on the Nizza bed and get a feel for it. Not every bed is made for everybody. Peoples requirements for support will depend on their weight and build – everyone is different.
  • If you are sharing a bed, then you’ll need to choose it with your partner, this way you can lay on it together and make sure it’s big enough and comfortable enough for you both. For example, the Tivoli bed is available in both king and queen sizes.
  • Take into account the size of your room, if your room is too small a massive bed won’t work. To relax well, you need space around your bed.
  • Make the most out of beds that come with storage. The Minerva has footboard storage, a great place to store bedding when it’s not in use.
  • If you have a large room, and a partner who is always spreading out consider a king bed rather than a queen to give you that extra space.
  • Even if you sleep on your own, it doesn’t mean you should sleep in a single bed. If you want to feel comfortable, you have the space and you like to stretch out a double such as the Asti, is a good choice.
  • Make sure the bed looks good and feels good.
  • Choose the bed that’s right for your back. Slat beds and those with springs are the best choice for back support, and always remember a good bed should respect the size, shape and needs of the sleepers.
  • Beds and mattresses must *work* together. Never buy a bed without thinking about the mattress that is going to go on top. Spring mattresses work well with spring beds, while foam mattresses are more likely to be teamed up with slat beds. If you can, buy a new bed and mattress at the same time, because a new mattress on an old bed won’t last as long as it would on a new one.

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