Calligaris is a name revered around the world for quality, functional, and stylish furniture. We carry Calligaris products as we believe that they are champions of excellence in the home furnishings sphere.

Calligaris Designs is an Italian company, that was born in 1923. The came Calligaris comes from the company’s founder, Antonio Calligaris, and the company first started out with wood furnishings before expanding out their range to what it is today. Today Calligaris are known worldwide for their chairs, tables, soft furnishings including leather lounges, storage solutions, and lighting.

Their flagship store is in Milan, a testament to the amazing styling of the Calligaris brand, Milan being one of the world’s style Meccas. This store sits in the Brera district if you are ever in town and would like to have a visit! With over 700sqm of space over 3 floors, you are sure to find some true furniture gems in store, and probably even some pretty amazing sample furniture that you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else – although we’d love to carry it here.

The designs of Calligaris are always changing, they are always on the cutting edge of what customers want due to having some truly excellent designers on board the team. We have certainly found that our customers love the designs that Calligaris continues to put out year on year. Their designs are what we would call modern but with a heart. Many of our customers we have heard saying that modern furniture is too “cold”, which is certainly not the case with Calligaris. They have managed to strike that ideal balance between modern and home comfort – which is not easy to do!

The Calligaris name is synonymous with quality as they run their furniture through strenuous tests to ensure peak performance. This includes things like fireproofing fabrics, testing wood and glue strengths, etc. The company also has a Forest certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, which ensures that all their sourcing of wood for their furniture is within the environmental bound outlined by the council for the preservation of our woodlands. Calligaris has distributors in 90 countries across the globe and we are proud to be one of them.

You can view some of our Calligaris like the Atollo side tables right here on our website, or come into our store to view their pieces in person. We can help you pick out the perfect Calligaris pieces that will complement your home beautifully. Feel free to bring in pictures of your room that needs furnishing for guidance on choosing what is going to fit and look best in the space. At Brescia Furniture we take each customer’s needs seriously to fit you with the right pieces.

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