If you’re shopping for bedroom furniture, Sydney offers a new line for the new year. All the way from the sunny shores of Italy comes the Nizza bedroom series. It may rhyme with pizza, but it’s far more elegant and every bit as satisfying. The Nizza bedroom set comes in stately greys with subtle lines and a modern, minimalist appearance.

What criteria do you list when you’re shopping for a bed? It’s the single largest purchase in your bedroom and is arguably the most expensive piece of furniture in your home. As a teen or college kid, you may not have given much thought to what you were sleeping on. But as an adult, you spend up to a third of your day in bed, so it does matter.

Plus, your bed isn’t just stuffing and wood. If you have a family, it’s your special haven of intimacy with your partner. It’s where the kids run when they hear the thunder or have a nightmare. It’s where you settle to dream away the trials of the day. If you’re not coupled yet, it’s how you make a night-time impression as you look for that special someone.

Part of the checklist is a good mattress. You want something that will support your back and ensure you don’t wake up with unwanted aches and pains. It should also be firm enough to hold you and your partner for a few years at least. You might be interested in a headboard, for style reasons. Some people like box beds, others prefer intricately carved legs.

One of the most common requirements is storage space, either through drawers under the bed or bedside tables. Nizza offers all these features and more. Its headboard is two-tone clay and matte-grey with bold horizontal detail. The bed itself is box-shaped with recessed legs, giving it a platform structure and raised appearance.

If storage is higher on your list of desirables, the Nizza bedroom series has you sorted. While the bed itself has no storage, the set comes with bedside drawers and a dresser. In an interesting design feature, the storage areas make it easy to decide who gets which side of the shelf. The side tables have a smaller top drawer and a deeper second one.

Similarly, the dresser has wider drawers on the left and smaller ones on the right, so whichever partner has fewer items automatically gets the top and the right. Or, since there are two bedside units, each partner gets one unit to themselves.

This bedroom set has a linear design that appeals to modern sensibilities. Its simple colours and simple style espouse a sense of calm and elegance that will grace any bedroom. The bed is available in king and queen size, and the series includes a nightstand, a tallboy, and a dresser. This new year, give your bedroom a facelift with this imported Italian bedroom set.

To try out our Nizza bedroom series and see what else we have in stock, call Brescia Furniture today on 02 9700 9000.

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