Warm summer weather is exciting when you are out swimming, having a cold drink, or celebrating with family and friends. However, when you want to relax on the lounge to read a book or watch a movie, too much heat can bring some discomfort. In Australia, the weather can fluctuate sharply between extreme cold and heat. 

Furniture pieces such as chairs and lounges are long-term investments, and choosing a type that will suit any weather is vital. 

Are you shopping for lounges and are unsure which kind is suitable for warm summer days? At Brescia furniture, we will guide you so you can make an informed decision.

But first, this article on choosing the best lounge for warm summer days will help make your choice easy.

What is the best lounge material for warm summer days?

Summer days in Australia can get extremely hot, and you don’t want your living room to feel like a sticky and uncomfortable place. Your space should give you a homely feeling regardless of the weather.

Leather lounges are the best for all-weather because they acclimatise with the room temperature. Some fabric lounges also do the trick to maintain cool temperatures during hot weather, but they are not as durable as leather-made.

The following fabric materials are also suitable for warm summer days:

  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Silk

How to keep your leather lounges comfortable during warm summer days

Unlike what most people think, leather lounges don’t overheat during hot summer weather. Instead, the temperature of your leather lounge will be influenced by your room’s temperature. Therefore, if you keep your space well aerated and maintain a cool room temperature, your leather lounge should provide the summer comfort you need. Ensure your room has good airflow and switch on the fan to keep your lounge comfortable on warm summer days.

Does lounge colour affect its suitability to warm summer weather?

The colour of a leather lounge plays a vital role in keeping your living room cool during hot summer weather. We have several hues that are perfect for summer weather. As a rule of the thumb, the best colour for a leather lounge is any bright hue. A bright colour will make a room cooler and more comfortable because it reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. 

Some of the best lounges with bright colours at Brescia include:

Tips to keep leather lounges cool on warm summer days

Apart from keeping the room temperature cool and choosing a light-coloured lounge, the following tips will help make your living room comfortable by keeping your couches cool:

  • Keeping the lounge away from sunlight– to keep your lounges cool, keep them away from direct sunlight, such as near windows or doors.
  • Throwing a warm blanket over the lounge– before sitting on a leather lounge during summer, throw a towel, blanket, or any warm material to make it cool and comfortable.
  • Wearing cotton outfits while on the couch– cotton outfits are breathable and will absorb your sweat. Avoid lying on the lounge with your bare body because the sweat can make it sticky.


Every homeowner’s goal is to have a relaxing and cool place to unwind in hot summer weather, but choosing the best lounge for warm weather can be a daunting task. Leather lounges adapt to a room’s temperature, making them an excellent choice for such weather. However, it’s advisable to go for light colours and keep the lounges away from direct sunlight for maximum comfort.

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