There’s a lot to be excited about when heading into summer. One of the best ways to transition into warmer weather is updating your living room to create a fresh and empty space. This means more fresh air, more natural light, and sweet scents. Refresh your space into a summery sanctuary with these trends for a brighter and more relaxing interior.

Light Window Treatment

Summer calls for light window treatments. Replace heavy curtains and drapes with soft, sheer fabric like voile to enjoy the summer breeze and a bit of sun while still maintaining your privacy. Floor-to-ceiling voile curtains in neutral colours like white will give the room a relaxing and soft vibe.

Wood blinds are also a good option as they can keep the bright light out while allowing fresh air. They come in various colours but the lighter, the better.

Pop of Colour

Incorporate pops of colour in your living room to complement your white walls. Bright touches of green, blue, red, and yellow will keep your space bright and give it space summery vibes. Pair your dark-coloured furniture with bright single-coloured or patterned cushions.

Even with all-white furniture, include colourful art pieces,rugs, and light shades to give your living room life. A summery colour theme like turquoise and ultramarine brings a beachy, relaxing vibe to your space.


Summer calls for letting more light and sun in your home.Make sure you have sufficient natural light beaming into your living room. Clean your windows daily as dirt and dust can block the sunlight. Also, store away any furniture or other pieces that could be blocking the light.

If the natural light in your living room isinsufficient, there a few tricks you can use to keep your space well-lit. Paint your walls white or other light pastel colours as dark walls ‘swallow’ up the light. Also, keep your furniture light-coloured. Placing large mirrors opposite or next to your windows will again do the trick.

Summer Scents

When you or anyone else walks into your living room, one of the first things you’ll notice is the smell. High temperatures affect the scent of any space and can cause woods and fabrics to release and absorb certain odours. Bring in scents that will keep your area fresh.

The best way to do this is with essential oils. They can be fruity, floral, or herbal. Fruity scented oils that provide a cooling effect include lemon, grapefruit, and orange. If you’re more into florals, jasmine, rose, and geranium are good options. Herbal oils to consider are lavender, basil, and rosemary.

During summer, the outdoors are the perfect place to be. The flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, and you can finally go to the beach and enjoy sunbathing. However,no one wants to come back to a dull and warm living room. Keep your summer spirit and that of your house guests constant by making your living room a cool and vibrant space you want to relax in.

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