Your home is your oasis, and in the cooler months, there’s nothing more comforting than stepping into a cosy, warm and nurturing space after spending the day in the cool winter air. It’s that beautiful feeling of finally being able to exhale, let your shoulders relax, and sink into relaxation. 

To create your own winter wonderland, you may wish to make a statement and update your sofa, dining chairs, bedhead or armchairs, but you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to refresh your home for the cooler seasons. Brescia has 3 top tips to transform your space this autumn and winter. 

1. Plush Fabrics. More Fabrics

Soft furnishings add colour, texture and provide practicality. Add sheepskin to your hardwood benches or chairs and a soft, plush throw on your sofa for an indulgent movie night in your pyjamas. Choose decorative cushions in various patterns and winter-friendly textures such as velvet, faux furs, leather, jacquard and chenille.

In the bedroom, switch out bedding to make your sleeping space cosy and comforting. Replace crisp white cotton sheets with richer, darker colours and warming fabrics. A combination of silk, satin, cotton sateen and flannelette are all great options to create that luxurious feeling.  A flicker of candlelight or a warm glow of a beautiful lamp are beautiful touches to a bedroom.

Love a minimal look? Don’t shy away from adding to your decor. It’s important to warm up your space so that it’s cosy and inviting, especially in the cooler months. Adding or switching key accessories can ensure your rooms are welcoming, while maintaining a modern, minimal style. 

Decor is not only beautiful but practical too. Rugs will help keep you warm underfoot. Swap window treatments with more luxurious, weighted fabrics to keep out pesky drafts and make heating more energy-efficient. 

2. Which Colours to Choose?

Autumn and winter colour palette options for your living room and bedroom help keep your space feeling new, and in keeping with the mood of the season. 

Here is some beautiful colour inspiration, regardless of your personal style.

  • Autumn Leaves – Bring the outside in, with quintessential autumnal accents. Golden browns, mustard yellow, rust, pumpkin and camel tones will instantly transport your home into an autumn oasis. 
  • Jewel Tones – Jewel tones such as cobalt blue, jade, emerald green, berries, red wine, fuchsia and sapphire will make your home reminiscent of a luxury hotel that is fit for a king! 
  • Warm Neutrals- if you still prefer to stay on the side of a neutral palette but want to add warmth to your space, adding elements of coffee, mushroom, chair, chocolate, various wood tones, rust and copper tones are safe and beautiful options.

3. The Nose Knows

Fragrance has a powerful ability to influence the ambience in a subtle, elegant way. While summer and spring lend them self to light, fresh tropical scents, autumn and winter call for warming scents that comfort and envelop us.  

Use a diffuser, oils, room sprays or the glow of a scented candle, and consider warming aromas such as rose, port magnolia, wine, cherry, fig, sandalwood, pine, leather, coffee, chai, chocolate, cinnamon, clove and vanilla. 

Have fun refreshing your home this Autumn / Winter with warm, plush colours, fabrics, accessories and fragrances. Shop Brescia and enjoy your cosy home. 

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