Aside from your electronics, your lounge is probably the most expensive purchase in your living area. Comfort is important since the lounge is the ultimate ‘lazy chair’. It can also double as a place for guests to sleep, so make sure it’s plush and cushy.

Regarding colour, it’s common practice to build your living room décor around your lounge. The leather is a good choice because it is stylish, durable, and easy to clean. A good wipe every few days will keep it in good condition, and when you’re going to be away for a while, you might even indulge in a deep polish.

Brescia Furniture stock a wide range of options in our leather lounge stores. We have armchairs, love seats, three-seaters, L-shape couches, and even lounge beds, and we have lots of colours to choose from. Sometimes having that much variety can be daunting, so we’d like to give you a few ideas on how to choose the right hue for you.

When it comes to lounges, it isn’t as simple as picking your favourite colour. What works for your clothes and shoes might not necessarily work as a living room centrepiece. A lot of people like the classic look of a white lounge, but it can be tricky if you have small children, pets, or frequent house guests.

Similarly, black and brown are easy go-to’s, but they might give your room a serious, stately appearance. If that’s what you’re going for, then great. But blacks and browns tend to produce a corporate feel, so you might want to leave them for the boardroom or home office.

Outside of black, white, and brown, you could pick a lounge that matches the colour of your wall.  It’s a bold statement, and if your living area is small, this can help to create an illusion of expansion. It brings the room together in a nice cohesive unit.

The downside of this approach is if you get tired of the wall colour, you’ll have to decide whether it costs more to repaint the wall or to buy a new lounge. If you picked a nice solid colour for the couch, then it can weather several wall changes. For example, a navy blue lounge will work with differing wall shades, from deep royals to azure and even powder blue.

Another style option is to pick a neutral colour that matches any wall but also sits well with a variety of living room décor. Pale greys, mild beiges, and light browns are versatile enough to work with anything.

Aside from the wall, you also need to think about the floor. Pick a lounge colour that pleasantly contrasts your tile, carpet, or wood panels. If you have a concrete floor, it’s no big deal, but if you have a brightly polished surface, then colour makes all the difference.

If you prefer something bright, then get a loud leather lounge. With fabric couches, you can add splashes of colour using cushions, but a leather lounge generally stands on its own, so that’s not a factor. You can, however, accent a neutral lounge set with a brightly coloured floor rug.

Still feeling a little lost? Call us on 02 9700 9000 and we can offer style advice plus a vast range of local and international lounge leather brands.

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