European style is the epitome of sophistication. The good news is that you can achieve your own European-inspired interior by following these four design elements – it’s never been easier to bring a touch of luxurious culture and style to your home.

Incorporate different styles

Mix the old world with the new by incorporating different styles. By mixing pieces of different styles and periods, your space will have depth, interest and balance. To create this look, consider including antiques and ornate period pieces with traditional elements such as moulding, ornate handles or stained glass. These more traditional pieces mix beautifully with contemporary items. Look for pieces with clean, modern lines and organic forms such as various Scandi styles. Opt for a neutral palette to help bring it all together harmoniously.

Mix high and low-end pieces. Be patient; your home takes time to come together. Part of the charm of European styling is the sense that every piece tells a story and has been curated over time. Take care choosing textiles that create a luxurious look and feel.

Add leather

Regardless of your interior style, a leather piece adds instant European elegance. It’s luxurious, natural and timelessly elegant. Brescia is well-known as a trusted leather lounge store in Sydney and is regarded as “unmistakably Italian”.

If you’re after a monochromatic statement, the inclusion of a white leather lounge adds instant sophistication. Leather lounges or armchairs are a great way to add white furniture to your space as they are easy to wipe clean. Tan leather lounges invite a casual, lived-in feel without compromising on style. Mix materials in your dining room too. A wooden, marble or glass dining table looks effortlessly chic with leather dining chairs such as the Fifties or Ariel. You can find your perfect dining table Sydney here and mix and match to find your unique style combination.

Keep styling simple

Take note of one of the most sophisticated women in history, Coco Chanel, who says that “simplicity is the keynote of true elegance.” Less is definitely more when striving to achieve a European inspired interior. Keep your colour palette neutral to help create a calm, elegant space. Edit your decorative pieces to only include a limited number of intentional pieces and keep surfaces clear and clutter-free. Let your art be the statement in the room, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral and calming space.

Transform a room with a statement piece

It’s important that your space reflects your personality and is an expression of your individuality. Include a statement piece that creates a visual focus. This may be in size and scale, shape and form, colour or texture. A statement piece can be a piece of furniture, artwork or floor rug.

Many gorgeous European interiors will feature a statement armchair. Look for an armchair in a contrasting fabric. If you have an upholstery sofa, choose a leather armchair. In an otherwise neutral palette, you can make a statement with texture and colour. Curved lines and interesting shapes and textures also add an instant WOW factor.

By keeping your palette neutral, your space will flow beautifully from one room to another. Then, like artwork in a gallery, your statement piece will seamlessly complement your room and have the visual space it deserves to shine.

Follow these four design tips and transform your home into a European-inspired oasis. Brescia is the perfect place to shop for timelessly sophisticated European interior pieces, whether it’s bedroom furniture, dining tables and chairs or leather lounges and armchairs. Contact the team today to find the perfect styles for you.

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