Who doesn’t want more space in their home? Whether you’re in a small apartment alone or a large home with a big family, you want to make the most of your available space. Entertaining becomes easier, rooms feel less cluttered, and you can store more furniture without investing in a storage container.

Want to maximise your space? Here are six ways you can.

Extendable Tables

Do you find yourself running out of seats at the dinner table during family get-togethers or holiday dinners? As the guest list grows, so does that space, you need to accommodate your guests comfortably. But unless you’re entertaining guests daily, you probably don’t need seating for 8-10 all the time!

Extendable tables use removable extensions known as leaves to add more surface area to the table as the ends expand. Depending on the model, your dining room table may be able to double or even triple your seating capacity when needed. When you don’t need more space, you can store them away and enjoy more floor space in the dining room.

Built-In Storage Beds

A standard bed frame and headboard may allow for some storage under your bed. But if you decide to use a box spring instead, you lose out on a lot of bedroom storage space. Fortunately, you can maximise your storage space while still enjoying a sturdy and firm base for your mattress.

Beds that include built-in shelving around the frame allow for the storage of smaller items that would otherwise take up desk or bookshelf space. This is more efficient than simply sliding things loosely under the bed or putting everything in boxes and burying them underneath the bed.

Wall Bed

Wall beds are not a new concept, but they aren’t just for kid’s rooms or sitcoms anymore. A wall bed folds up into the wall, clearing floor space in a small room or allowing you to convert an open room to a bedroom as needed. Some wall beds also include a built-in wardrobe insert that turns your wall into part bed, part shelving, and part closet storage with hangers, cubbies, and a full bed neatly tucked against the wall.

Nesting Tables or Seating

When you have multiple hollow or various-sized pieces of furniture, storage can be a pain because of all the wasted space their frames take up. As an alternative, nestable furniture like different-sized tables can be placed inside of each other, so they only take up the storage room of the largest piece. The same is true for chairs that can be connected to make storage easier through stacking or fitting.

Stackable Chairs

A very simple way to maximise your living space is by using the height of the room instead of just the floor space. Stackable items like chairs or shelving can take up a small amount of floor space but may reach to the ceiling – space that would be otherwise unused. These stackable furnishings can then be used as needed and stored simply when not in use.

Floating Storage

What’s one of the best ways to make the most of your floor space? Get your furniture and decorations off the floor! Floating storage like cubbies or shelves allows you to get things off the ground while keeping them accessible. This way, you don’t interfere with foot space in smaller areas and can take advantage of verticality in your home.

Maximise Your Living Space with Brescia Furniture

Whether you want to make your bedroom feel larger, create more room for entertaining dinner guests, or just want the most living area possible, Brescia has a collection for you. Choose from a variety of living, dining, and bedroom furniture in Sydney that provide space-efficient storage options, including extendable tables, beds with storage, and more.

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