There are a few things you should consider before you choose your new dining table. This is a part of your home, and an item of furniture you will be *living with* for quite some time, so when shopping for a dining table in Sydney, you really want to get it right.

Your dining table can be many things, apart from a place for family dinners and other get-together’s it’s also a place where children sit to do homework and play games – it is a centrepiece in your home.

You want your new table to be strong and well-crafted and it’s not something you just buy *on a whim* – here are the things to consider before buying your new dining table

Shape of Dining Table

Rectangular tables like the Canova, are the most popular choices, this shape is loved for its proven functionality and classical form. You will find that often most dining areas are rectangular as well, so there is a touch of symmetry. Think about how you like to entertain. You can easily reach across a rectangular table, but the width of the table itself will determine if you can have large platters in the middle of it or not.

With round or oval tables like the Giove or Mikado tables, no one has to sit at the end of a table, they offer softer looking lines and are great in smaller rooms as they take up less space. Round tables are perfect if you want to have a coffee and a chat, but if you have a table with more than six people that feeling of intimacy can be lost.

Square tables like the Eminence Square Table give you the best of both worlds, they take up more space and are a great way to fill up a larger room.

Size of Dining Table

Your table size needs to be based on the size of the room it’s going to be standing in. You need to allow for pushing back chairs and for people to be able to move around easily. So, a distance of 90cm from walls and other furniture is the minimum space you will need. If you want to add a few extra people to the table an extendable table or drop-leaf table are good ideas too. The Omnia XXLL is a great extension table, it extends at both ends, and the legs move when it does, so the table keeps its stability.

Don’t forget to take the height of the table into consideration when choosing your chairs to go with it.


If you are looking for a table that will stand the test of time hardwood is a great option. Glass topped dining tables are great in small spaces as they are not overpowering. They can scratch though and be hard to keep clean. Concrete is a newer material, it looks great and is very durable, just remember it will take four people to move it!

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