Dining rooms are versatile – used primarily for having meals with family and guests, but often they are deemed spaces good enough for relaxing and storytelling. Regardless, these areas allow for more face-to-face interactions without the interruptions of electronics and handheld devices. 

The dining room is where people re-energise, either by eating or relaxing. For these reasons, it needs to be up-to-date. Here are the latest design trends for the next year and beyond. 

White on White

White is one of the most popular colours, and deservedly so. It integrates seamlessly with other hues and décor elements.

Many people think that using a lot of white skews a space’s theme towards neutrality, but that isn’t always the case. Using different tones of colour, such as eggshell white, soft white, ivory, or cream, creates a different, unique vibe in your dining room.

Moreover, serving colourful foods on white plates creates a beautiful setting on the dining table. You can also achieve a similar effect by adding vibrant art to your white walls. 

Sustainable Designs

Most modern trends emphasise economic and environmental sustainability. Dining rooms are part of this movement, with a few unique approaches employed in recent years. For example, more people are using rattan or repurposed timber furniture. 

If you’re purchasing an item for the long haul, consider choosing an eco-friendly piece. Take your time to find the ones that contribute to sustainability, such as tables or chairs made from salvaged timber. You can also choose durable pieces made using natural stone, although these tend to be expensive. 


Tablescaping is decorating a table to enhance your dining room’s aesthetic appeal. The trend became famous on Instagram, and now homeowners use it to create vibes to match different occasions. 

When creating a tablescape, start by choosing a colour palette consisting of two primary colours and splashes of others. Using too many colours often makes a mess. 

After adding colour, identify a suitable centrepiece. Flowers may be an obvious choice, but fruit bowls are even better. You can also use candles to add romantic vibes. 

Smoked Glass

Glass is beautiful and reflective and makes spaces appear more prominent. It also allows natural light into your room, lowering your electricity bills. However, more people are abandoning clear glass for smoked glass. 

As the name suggests, smoked glass sheets have a little smoke residue on their surfaces. When held against a light source, they provide foggy illumination much cooler than typical translucent lights. 

Smoked glass is versatile. You can use it to regulate lighting by wrapping the overhead bulbs on your dining table. Alternatively, it can replace the clear glass tabletop to provide a slight contrast to your bright walls or kitchenware. 


Leather exudes elegance and opulence wherever it’s used. Upholstering your dining chairs in this fabric is an excellent way to make a statement and showcase your rich taste. 

Besides, leather is durable and maintains its looks for many years. These qualities add to the increasing popularity of sustainable materials. Despite its high upfront costs, leather repays your investment by outlasting other fabrics. 

Area Rugs

Area rugs provide warmth and add sophistication when laid underneath dining tables. Feeling cold on your feet can dampen your mood during dinner, so having a mat for cosiness and enjoyment is vital. 

Many homeowners were previously reluctant to add rugs underneath tables because it meant vacuuming food crumbs after every meal. Although you’ll need to clean the rug, it will only impact your cleaning schedule if you don’t use the table properly. 

Comfortable Seats

You should get comfortable seats if you use your dining area for family meetings and pastime activities. Ergonomic furniture allows you to spend more time around the table in absolute comfort. On the other hand, poor-quality seating causes back pain, a sore neck, and other complications. Ensure your dining room seats have a backrest to offer support, especially if you like sitting for extended periods. 

Oversized Light Fixtures

Oversized light fixtures are a big trend in the dining room décor industry. Using massive light sources adds practicality while ensuring your dining area remains cosy and inviting. For instance, a large hanging pendant light illuminates the table, while wall chandeliers can create varying moods and accents.  

Connect your dining room lights to dimmer switches. This allows you to adjust to full brightness when serving meals and create a subdued mood after mealtimes by dimming. 

Mirrors and Reflective Materials

Mirrors and reflective mirrors are taking over new dining rooms. The shinier and more reflective a surface is, the more likely it appeals to interior designers. This explains the increasing demand for fine and contemporary material combinations.

For instance, you can spot combinations of gold and glass, steel and brass, etc. in this case, glass and steel provide contemporary minimalism while gold and brass offer the shine. 

Sinuous Furniture

This year, people are adopting furniture and accessories with rounder shapes. Round dining tables are gaining popularity because they enable more intimacy during conversations. Moreover, they use space optimally, particularly if you have a small dining room. Circular objects also embrace a casual feel, giving a break from your workplace’s formalness.  

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants beautify and breathe freshness into your dining area. Unlike potted greenery, hanging leaves allow enough space for furniture while ensuring the greenery receives adequate light. More importantly, it increases your room’s verticality, creating an illusion of space. 


Many classic and neo-classical styles are returning to your dining room. Whether you love traditional or modern design, there are many ways to integrate these trends into your design. The main challenge in designing interior spaces is balancing your taste and the prevailing trends. Ensure you do it moderately, or hire a professional to assist you. Remember, trends are temporary, so look for pieces that are adaptable and speak to your personal taste. 

Investing in high-quality furniture guarantees a comfortable, happy, and productive lifestyle. Brescia Furniture is a renowned maker of fine furniture pieces that offer a personalised touch you don’t find in other retailers. Get in touch with us today to explore our collection.

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