Interior design enthusiasts always look at what a new year brings. New decor ideas come up at every turn of the calendar, and people are eager to conform to the trend. So, here’s what’s trending when it comes to lounge decorations.

Make the Most of Mirrors

Mirrors are effective for maximising light and creating the illusion of space. By reflecting natural light, mirrors reduce your dependence on artificial lighting, lowering your electricity bill. The illusory property makes them great for making small spaces appear bigger.

Mirrors work well with both ancient and contemporary designs. You can stick them to your living room walls without looking out of touch.

Vintage Revival

Due to ongoing challenges within the global supply chain, homeowners are more willing to repurpose old furniture and use vintage, inexpensive, and sustainable decoration ideas.

Although vintage revival prioritises the living room, it also improves other areas like your bedroom, kitchen and dining room.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

More people are using biophilic designs to connect their lounges with the natural world. This involves adding greenery and modifying your living room windows to view the surroundings better. The objective is to try and create a calming environment.

While potted plants and flowers aren’t a new addition to living room decor, this year promises something different.

Homeowners are warming up to the idea of growing oversized plants indoors. The same goes for planters, which will be bigger and made of natural materials like ceramic, jute, and Terra Cotta clay.

Zoning Out

The pandemic forced many people to spend more time indoors and more individuals now work from home. Kids and adults have become accustomed to entertaining themselves without leaving their compounds.

That said, living rooms are no longer used for only watching TV and relaxing. As a result, zoning out is set to become popular. For instance, a leather lounge creates a relaxation zone, while a desk can be useful for your home office.

Besides using different pieces of furniture, you can use paint and partitions to create different zones in your living room. For example, bold colours and geometric designs can make a section of your lounge different from the rest of the room without physical dividers.

If you aren’t keen on using different colours, room dividers made using natural materials like cardboard, rattan, or wood can be helpful. These allow you to create different zones, each with a specific purpose.

Apply Multiple Finishes

Adding different textures breathes life and colour to what would otherwise be a dull space. For example, a glass table stands out next to leather lounges. Similarly, contrasting finishes like gloss and matt make a room more eye-catching.

Please avoid using too many finishes, especially if your living room is small. It’s not only an eyesore, but it also makes a small space feel cramped and unbalanced.

Wrapping Up

Despite the continual emergence of lounge decoration ideas, Brescia Furniture has a reputation for making durable and high-quality furniture. Contact us today to place your order!

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