There’s a reason it’s called a bedroom; it describes the room with the bed in it! It’s easy to say that the bed is the most important part of this room in your home, and indeed it will be the focal point there. You should, therefore, pay close attention when picking out your bed; it will have a big impact. Keep reading for some tips to help with your decision to get the best one for your room:


You want to ensure that you have sufficient space to fit the bed in the bedroom and you should probably have more than enough; otherwise you will feel squished and cramped. That’s not an ideal feeling to have in your resting place. To be sure, Brescia has a full list of dimensions for each bed it offers so that you can measure things up appropriately. Please check the other Bedroom furniture options you have in the room as well and space they take up .


You bed should be styled around the decor of the room and the other furniture. Whether going for chic or classic, modern or traditional, they should all fit in the same theme. If you’re designing a new bedroom from scratch, pick a bed that really represents the character that you want as it will set the tone for the rest of the room. Everything else will be matched to it.


The material of the bed will greatly affect the feel it gives the room. For example, one with chrome and mirroring will add interesting depth and dimension but also a cool sleekness. Or a glossy finish will add a different type of shine. On the other hand, an upholstered cloth with buttons feels more cozy, warm, and soft. A bed with this headboard really invites you to lounge against it while sitting in your bed. And wood just seems timeless and elegant, offering an earthy calm aura to the room.


A different choice in colour for your bed can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of the room. It’s advisable to steer away from bright, bold colours as they are not too inviting for relaxation and sleep. Rather, it’s better to stick with neutral tones that are easy on the eyes and can match the other elements in the room easily. At Brescia, we offer a variety of these types of colours for our bed selection, like woody browns, blacks, greys, whites and beiges. It depends on how bright you want the room to feel, or if you want the bed to contrast a bit with the other objects.

Choose Wisely

Not only is your bed the centrepiece of your room; you will spend much of your time in and around it. That’s why it’s important to consider your choice carefully to make sure you get the piece that makes you feel the and most comfortable at home. Brescia has a wide selection of bedroom furniture Sydney to choose from all in a lovely luxurious style. You can rest assured they are of the highest quality and will last a long time.

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