The Montecarlo bedroom series is made in Italy – the birthplace of style and sophistication. Read on to find out how you can transform your ordinary bedroom into a chic and elegant boudoir with these key pieces, featuring the one and only Montecarlo series.

Montecarlo vanity unit

Aside from the obvious purpose of sleeping, another function of the bedroom is to dress and prepare yourself here before going out in public. What better way to do so than with the glamorous Montecarlo vanity unit? This piece is ideal for those who want the functionality of the storage space, with the added benefit of having a station dedicated to beautifying oneself. The internal mirror, discreet side doors and convenient lighting provide all the features you need to get ready. From everyday use to big nights out where you need to impress, the Montecarlo vanity unit will provide all you need and more.

Lounge areas have a place in the bedroom too

If you have a spacious bedroom, then make the most of it. When it comes to larger rooms and spaces, it’s important to create a balanced feel. A bright and airy room calls for a minimalist design, where the natural light does most of the talking. But for those who seek a more intimate or cosy atmosphere, why not use a corner of the room as a relaxation area? Depending on the amount of space available, you could incorporate a leather lounge chair or sofa into your bedroom. A small lounge area will add purpose and interest to your room – you can use it as a reading corner, or it could be the perfect place for a nightcap before retiring to bed. A brown or cream shade of leather is perfect for complementing the Montecarlo bedroom series, as the neutral tones will blend in with the rest of the room.

Montecarlo Bed

The bed will be the statement piece of your room if you opt for the Montecarlo design. The high gloss Koto of the Montecarlo bedframe reflects light and adds depth to any bedroom. The stunning chrome profiles complement a number of fabrics and designs. From elegant glassware to warm winter fur throws, the Montecarlo bedframe will bring out the beauty in everything that surrounds it, without being too overpowering.

The Devil is in the Detail

Having a statement piece such as the Montecarlo bed means you need to decorate the rest of the room in a way that complements it. A few white lilies in a slender vase will portray elegance and style, in accordance with the Montecarlo ethos, whereas a large bunch of colourful mixed flowers could detract from the sophisticated ambience. Always opt for minimalist touches and focus on textures rather than colours. Think silk drapery, faux-fur throws and sheepskin rugs, as opposed to a colour pop scheme, which is more suited to beach houses, bright bathrooms and youthful designs.

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