A lot of us agree that Italians are romantic. Maybe it’s our obsession with their wine or the fact that their language seems so sensual and expressive. Either way, it’s a well-accepted stereotype that Italians do it better. Italy has its roots in Ancient Rome, which has a rich history of art and architecture. So naturally, Italian design is prized.

This admiration stretches into Italian furniture, which is considered among the best in the world. Whether you want leather pieces or a place to lay your head, imported Italian furnishings are a statement of elegance and style. And if you’re shopping for fine furnishings in Sydney, our showrooms offer a selection of leather lounges and fabric lounges, recliners, and beautiful beds.

Your bed goes a long way in defining your bedroom decor. An Italian-made bed is an excellent start. At Brescia Furniture, we have a variety of options. Let’s start with a model that can turn the lights down low, literally. Two of our imported Italian beds have backlit headboards so that you can set some mood lighting.  The Tivoli and Versilia all have lighting fixtures subtly ensconced into the headboard, creating a romantic, sensual silhouette.

The Tivoli and Versilia come in shades of grey with side tables and a glossy finish. The Versilia is dark grey and glossy, while the Tivoli has a lighter tone. Both units can offer additional storage by adding optional drawers under the bed. Of course, you don’t always have to light up the night when you want to ignite romance. There are other ways.

Plush fabric headboards are a great way to soften your bedroom and help you relax. The rich linings and silky textures feel sweet and sensual against your skin, and that’s the perfect recipe for comfort. The Wynn bed has plush upholstery with in-depth button detail. The headboard is 12 cm thick for added warmth and insulation.

You might be worried about keeping the fabric clean, but the headboard ring is fully removable so you can take it out to wash or dry-clean it. Internal storage space is available as an add-on. Of course, the romance doesn’t have to stop at the bed. If you’d like a bedroom set that turns your whole space into an inviting boudoir, consider the Mont Blanc.

It offers two fabric-laced headboard designs and a series of sideboards and vertical drawers that will add that special touch to your bedroom. From mirrored vanities to multi-door wardrobes, the Mont Blanc is an all-in-one bedroom unit.

To spice up your bedroom decor and guarantee a good night’s sleep, call Brescia Furniture today on 02 9700 9000.

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