You may be unfamiliar with the concept of modular furniture. It could mean two things. One, furniture that comes in separate pieces – IKEA style. You assemble it yourself, or you could have your vendor do it for you. There are jokes about how IKEA furniture always seems to have ‘spare parts’ left over after assembly. The modular advantage is smaller packaging, less bulk, ergo cheaper shipping. The individual furniture parts occupy less space than assembled pieces.

Modular furniture could also refer to pieces you can add or subtract from, like adult-sized Legos. So you might buy a love-seat and later expand it to a 3-seater or even seven-seater. Or you could buy the full set and re-arrange your furniture every few months, giving your home a free make-over. You could start with a L-shape, then make it two separate seats, then later make one a chaise lounge while the other portion becomes an armchair, all without additional expense.

Shopping the right way

As you can see, purchasing a modular leather lounge in Alexandria is like buying ten separate furniture pieces you can mix and match. At Brescia Furniture, we have quite a few of these. Take the Revo, for example. It comes in cool stately grey, and has nifty features like a storage compartment under the seat, an optional L-shape configuration, a sofa-bed, and a lounge.  You could place it as a straight lounge with a protrusion, or a recliner and armchair.

The sofa-bed option has independent joints and bases, so you can open it up and spread it out for a nap, while someone is simultaneously stretched out on the lounge. You can set up your Revo as a single-seater with a mini arm-chair, a love-seat for two, or size it for 2.5 or 3.5 users at a time. (The .5 allows you to put your feet up with a good book or immersive TV show.) Revo is distinct for its versatility, elegance, and adorably glossy metal feet.

Lovely in leather

Another example from our leather lounge stores is the Itaca. Its plush black leather is intriguingly contrasted with uniquely angled metal feet that run up the sides. They seem to almost tuck the leather in place. (Obviously they don’t, but they draw your eye and hold your attention for a bit, especially the unusual, seemingly askew positioning.)

Their v-shape wraps all the way round the seat, almost like it’s holding the seat together. The seat itself has adjustable headrests and recliner options. Modular versions includes one-armed chairs (right or left), two-armed lounges, chaises, regular arm-chairs, one-armed love-seats (two-seater), one-armed couches (three-seater) or armless positioning with foot stools.

You can order the Itaca in black, white, or grey, and can buy the full set or get individual modular bits and build it up. For a smaller apartment, you could begin with a cosy armless seat and a foot rest, then eventually expand into a 7-seater. Leather is easy to maintain, and the adjustable positions make it incredibly comfortable, whether your reading or napping.

To find the right leather lounge size for your home or office, call Brescia Furniture today on 02 9700 9000.

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