When it comes to luxury looking pieces, we know what works for your home. Our Caviar lounge is one of the most popular lounge room pieces for those with large homes and large lounge rooms and represents some of the best stylistic touches in our range.

The Caviar lounge is the ideal choice for the family home. It’s a gorgeous modular affair, taking in a three seater along one arm of the couch, and two recliner chairs – so it’s perfect for the whole family or for entertaining. Not only this, but it’s is also highly useful for TV sessions or just relaxing in comfort as it has the option to add both cup holders as well as a table/tray section which can be used to place your snacks or drinks on.

Speaking of settling in for a movie, if you want the ultimate in surround sound then the Caviar can support it, with an inbuilt speaker optional – amazing!

The recliner chairs in the couch can be adjusted both in the angle of the back, as well as with the footrest as well, and has the option of manual, electric, or battery power to recline the chairs themselves.

The Caviar is a hard wearing and long lasting couch. The spring seating has a no-sag feature which means you’ll never have to worry about finding yourself in a couch hole.

While the Caviar is most popular in our three seaters and two recliner configuration, you are also able to get it in other combinations such as a 2.5 seater with one recliner, a two-seater with two recliners, and plenty more. With such a range of configurations, there is sure to be one that will suit your household and space perfectly.

The Caviar is just one of many of our vast range of fabric and leather lounges. You can take a look at the full range for yourself right here on our website or head in store to check them all out in person. Trust Brescia Furniture when it comes to updating your lounge room furniture, or kitting out your new home. You are sure to be impressed with our luxe styles and the full range of furnishings we stock.

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