Many modern residents forgo their dining table. Maybe they have all their meals in their bedrooms, in front of the TV, or both. Or maybe they simply have no room, pun intended. You don’t need a specific ‘dining chamber’. You could carve out a portion of your living area, corridor, or kitchen. Having a section set aside for food makes your home more sophisticated.

It also develops mealtime etiquette. You can establish a habit of communal meals. They offer opportunities to bond, review the day, and abandon your screen addiction for an hour or so. You don’t have to share breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Your schedules probably wouldn’t allow all three.) But you can synchronise at least one meal, whichever is most convenient for everyone.

Now that you’ve agreed on your ‘family meal’ and location, you have to find the right dining table in Sydney. You might want something curvy and crab-legged, like the Giove, Oregon, or Mikado. Or an extendable dining set with corporate leanings, like the Sincro. There are other considerations beyond the shape and number of residents. Let’s explore a few.

Room dimensions

Your primary decider is the number of people that regularly eat at home. You want everyone to have a seat at the table, literally. But the size of your dining area is a factor too. For example, circular tables seat fewer people, but they occupy more space than other table shapes. So if you like curves but have room (and multiple resident feeders), consider ovals over circles.

At Brescia Furniture, our elliptical stocks include Odyssey, or a rectangular table with rounded edges, like the Orbital or Jungle. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in a cosy nook, or if the only available space is a segregated corner, you could pick a square table. It occupies about the same area as a round table, but the angles allow for more elbow and leg room.

Aesthetic dining

For square-shaped dining, you could check out our Frame Square or Eminence Square tables. If you want the illusion of a square, but with a little-added flair, consider Magic J. It’s adjustable both lengthwise and height-wise. So it can be a sweet and low coffee table or a dining table with seven optional heights. Its metal legs mimic a stylish ironing board with a slight curve. Said legs are gorgeously glossy, and they fold up or down, just like ironing boards.

Dining aesthetics are largely driven by your table’s top surface. You can choose wood, formica, veneer, glass, ceramic, or metallic. Wooden tabletops can be stained, waxed with clear varnish, or painted in bright and pretty colours. Wood needs more care though. A popular choice is the stone table-top, but natural stone is heavy, so you might cut corners with stone-imitation veneers. The Orbital can be finished in onyx or marble mounted on a polyurethane base.

To find the right dining table for your home, call Brescia Furniture today on 02 9700 9000.

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