How can you make the best from a large living room? Perhaps your living room isn’t large, it’s just an awkward shape, or it’s connected to another area that makes it difficult to organise.

Designate set areas or zones – in a small room you just have room for your leather lounges, but in a larger room, you can break the room into different zones, a place to watch TV, a computer area, games area or even a place to sit and chat.

Divide your spaces – you can use different rugs, or place furniture to create smaller areas within a large living area. A leather lounge with its back to another space, large floor lamps and plants can also help to divide these areas.

Anchor your space – if you put a lot of smaller pieces into a large room, it can feel too cluttered unless you add some *anchoring* pieces. A large leather lounge, coffee table or even a bookcase can help anchor the room, allowing for smaller pieces , photos, vases and other decorative items to be placed here and there as accents.

Keep things to scale – if tall ceilings make your room feel out of balance, try to opt for taller pieces of furniture, likewise if you have low ceilings tall furniture can make the room look small. Consider taller backs on chairs or a taller bookcase to add balance to a room with high ceilings.

Use creative lighting – no matter how big – or small your room is lighting can make all the difference. With larger rooms, you often have more windows, which is perfect during the day, but at night dark corners and shadows can make guests feel uneasy. If you only have one ceiling light add extra lighting through lamps. Try two or three large floor lamps and then add in some smaller table lamps to add lighting all around the room.

Colour – patterns and colours can break up long walls cutting the size of tall walls to a more comfortable height. If you have a high ceiling paint it a shade or two darker than your walls, so your ceiling doesn’t seem as high, and your room will feel cozier.

Double up your furniture – if your coffee table isn’t big enough for the room, consider adding some large ottomans one to each side, you can also add two rugs, rather than one large one. Four chairs around an ottoman, rather than two chairs. Any time you can use two lamps, two chairs, two seater leather lounges, two rugs etc, the impact will be more significant.

Avoid placing things too close to the walls – there is nothing worse than a leather lounge pushed against one wall and chairs on the opposite side of the room against another wall. Leaving too much space in the middle. In a larger room, you can pull lounges away from the walls, don’t worry about the walls, you can use the area for pictures, buffets, bookcases or benches.

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