When you think of a minimalist living room, what is it that comes to mind? No bright colours, white walls, very contemporary leather lounges, nothing on the walls? Often this may be the impression people have when they think of a minimalist living room. The good news is, this is NOT an accurate image. Being a minimalist or having a minimalist living room isn’t about having a sleek white room, it’s in fact all about decluttering to make room for more space.

Tips for creating a minimalist living room

  • Declutter – less is more and to create a minimalist living room you want to have less “ stuff ”. If you have collections or ornaments, piles of magazines or just clutter try and get rid of as much as you can. Keep only the most essential items in the room. If you can do without it – it goes!
  • Scale – you don’t want a lot of small furniture in your room, it will just make it look cluttered. Mix up some bigger items such as an L shaped leather lounge with your smaller pieces. This style lounge fills the space while leaving room for other items. The scale of the room is important. When you add items of different shapes and sizes, it helps make the room seem more *open*.
  • Plants – adding a few plants make the room appear clean and fresh. You can brighten your room. By just by adding 2 or 3 bright green plants. You’ll be amazed what a transformation a houseplant can make to a room.
  • Floating Shelves – these shelves can make your room look modern and organised. Floating shelves are great for knickknacks, a plant or books Your room will feel brighter and cleaner!
  • Colour Palette – while you can go *all white* – walls, leather lounge, rugs etc. – it is a great way to make a room brighter and lighter, but if you have children or pets, you could add some white touches along with some neutral colours. Adding a pop of colour from a bright rug or wall art is another option or consider using different textures and tones.
  • Store things out of sight – if you have mail, magazines or catalogues piled up in the room – find a home for these items. Use an attractive storage bin or basket to store this temporary clutter out of sight. Otherwise, your room is just going to look cluttered.
  • Everything should work well together – once you have decluttered, designed the colour scheme and your room has turned minimalist – everything should now work well together – from your leather lounge to the smallest vase, your room is now simple and elegant.
  • Less is more – while it can be hard getting rid of things, you don’t have to get rid of everything straight away. Store some items temporarily and do a test run BEFORE you throw everything away. You can always add pieces back later.

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