There are so many options when it comes to buying bedroom furniture, and choosing a new bed and bedside tables can become quite confusing. Bedrooms are often the *forgotten space* in the home, with many homeowners and renters concentrating on spending money on furniture for their lounge rooms and dining rooms. People are spending more time in bed with their phones and laptops or watching television, and even if you are busy, you should still take time to do your research when it comes to buying the perfect bed and bedroom furniture in Sydney for your home.

Bedside Tables

There are no set rules that your bedside tables should match, and in fact, mismatched bedside tables can add interest to your room. You should still have a bedside table on each side of the bed as it provides symmetry and balance, and it gives you somewhere to put your book, glass of water or phone during the night. Consider a bedside table with a drawer or shelf for your books. The Versilia bedroom collection is in a bold dark, but a sleek colour that adds elegance to your room, the matching headboard is also available with lighting, so you don’t have to buy separate bedside lamps.

Bed Frames and Bedheads

A magnificent bedhead makes the bed the main focus of the room, while also adding a touch of luxury. Try and avoid anything that is too *trendy* as it can end up dating the room. The classic Mont Blanc bedroom is fashion-forward, it is both classic and contemporary with a feeling of complete luxury and elegance. It also comes with matching bedside cupboards with soft close drawers. Choosing a bedhead in a neutral colour allows you to have fun with colourful bedding that you can change with every season without having to worry about matching your bedding to your bedhead. When choosing your bed always consider the dimensions of the room and the position of the bed. If you have the available space, position the bed, so there is circulation around all three sides. The bed should be centred on the largest wall – without a window and be opposite the door, so people entering the room look straight at the focal point in the room – the bed.

Lounges and Chairs

If you have the space available adding these pieces to your room will take it to a whole new level. If you are lucky enough to have room for a small lounge, you could also consider a set of chairs with a small table. Even a single chair positioned in the corner with some cushions and a throw will make your bedroom feel like your luxury retreat.

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