Furnishing your house with thoughtful styling is what makes it a home and not just a house. While you can fill your home with amazing furniture and fixtures, the real glue that brings it all together is your decorative accessories. These are what elevate your home to that next level.

At Brescia, we know all this, so we have carefully selected a range of beautiful accessories that we believe will look amazing in the right home. We genuinely believe in our pieces, and it turns out that others do too – our geometric Jacquard weaved cotton and chenille Rose Rug, in soft pinks, greens, and whites were recently featured on Channel 9’s The Block.

Let’s take a look at some of our other great accessories.

Damasco Mirror

The Damasco Mirror is a square mirror that is more beautiful form than being simply functional. A square, delicate lined outer design circles into the middle of the mirror. This mirror also comes in 3 different colours and sizes so that you can mix and match if you’d like a fascinating arrangement.

Painting Green

What else can you put on your walls? A painting of course! If you are looking for a featured painting for a living or bedroom, our Painting Green might be it. It’s a long, rectangular design, measuring 140cm by 70cm and is abstract, with green black and white floating shapes.

Painting Gold

For a touch of oriental flavour in your room, warm up with our Painting Gold. This is a truly mesmerising and texture filled design in a square shape – measuring 100cm by 100cm. It features swirling black texture on top of a brilliant gold back.

Match Mirror

A simple and yet elegant design, the Match Mirror is a rectangular wall mirror with curved-in sides for smooth lines, rimmed in a small wooden frame. The large Match Mirror is ideal for next to the bedroom door or front door, to check your appearance before heading out of the house. It is 180cm tall with a slender width of 55cm. We also have available a smaller and fatter size at 70cm by 60cm.

Our accessories are known for adding a touch of flair to homes around the country, and we are proud of our choices for our customers. We believe in every piece, selected by our team of interior design professionals. They go well with not only our furniture, including our signature Italian leather lounges but also furniture that you may already own and cherish in your own home. Choose Brescia Furniture for elegant and stylish furniture and accessories with a customer service that you can rely on.

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