You can tell a lot about a person by the leather lounge they own, but, before you update your leather lounge this Christmas you need to choose carefully, after all, you will be spending a lot of time on your new lounge! A lounge is also a big investment, so you want to get this right the first time.

Getting your layout right

Planning the layout of your area is important when it comes time to choose the right leather lounge for you. Placement and proportion of the lounge compared to the overall space is the best way to make a lounge look good. Before you decide you also need to consider the other items of furniture in the room. Choose a lounge that matches or compliments other pieces in the room. The Asiago is a classic style lounge with wide armrests and generous seats that make it luxuriously comfortable. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none; this timeless classic will look great in any home.

Lounges today come in a range of styles and fabrics – to make your lounge room look bigger choose a lighter colour such as the Bellini Lounge – it is stylish and comfortable and comes with the added option of a recliner. The clean shapes and soft padding give you a classic style lounge that looks modern, perfect for a country cottage or a modern home.

Measuring up

When shopping for a new leather lounge measure your room, and consider the access you have available – especially if you live in an apartment. Today with so many people living in apartments choosing the right size lounge is even more crucial. A large lounge in a small space just reduces the pleasure of owning a new lounge if it makes the room look small. You need to ensure your lounge will fit into your home – stairwells, tight corners and small entry-ways can make it difficult.

Lounge styles

Whether you are buying a single seater for a small apartment, like the Bellina Club Chair or you are buying a modular lounge that you can arrange in many styles such as the Bentley leather lounge. The Bentley allows you to create the perfect *home theatre* environment, luxurious, comfortable and contemporary in design with an electric mechanism allowing you to gently recline while the adjustable head support gives you personalised comfort.

Corner or modular lounges maximise the space you have and also provide a good amount of seating room. Combine a modular lounge with a chaise lounge, and you can relax with your feet up. The Brio is a fantastic option with chaise that also comes with a built-in storage section and can be purchased with or without a bed mechanism.

Families often need more room, so corner lounges or modular lounges are perfect.

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