Purchasing a piece of leather furniture is does not come at a low cost, it is an investment but worth it if you keep it well maintained. It does not require too much effort and doing this will keep your leather lounge piece looking new for years to come.

Here are a few tips on keeping your Leather furniture maintained.

1 Dust.

Probably the easiest to clean. All you need to do is attach the brush fixture to your vacuum cleaner and suck up any dust and debris that may have accumulated, make sure the brush fixture is not too rough.

2 Test The Eather.

If you would like to wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth, try it first in an inconspicuous area. Make sure the leather does not absorb any moisture. Doing so allows you to see whether the leather will discolour.

3 Thorough Wipe Down.

Once your test is satisfactory, proceed to wipe down the furniture. Where possible, get yourself cleaning products that have been made specifically for leather. If in a hurry, use non-detergent soap to make a cleaning solution. The natural oils from skin or a pet’s fur and moisture can damage the leather. Once done, allow the leather to air-dry.

4 Apply Leather Protector.

If your leather lounges or other furniture are going to see a fair amount of use, getting a leather protector will be a boon for their quality. A protector will greatly reduce the amount of cleaning needed and also prevent debris from slipping into every nook and cranny.

5 Leather Conditioning.

A necessary step that should be not be missed, you should try and do this at least every 10 to 12 months. A good quality hide food with nourishing and softening ingredients will help prevent your leather from drying out, a major cause of cracking.

6 Stretch Out Those Creases.

Wear and tear are a natural process, and the padding in your leather lounge or headboard will soften. This softening results in folds and creases over time. Stretching those creases and applying hide food to them is an excellent way of preventing your leather from cracking.

Everyone wants their furniture to last long. For that to happen, here are a few things you should avoid.

  • Heat or Sunlight: High temperatures will cause your leather to dry out and begin cracking. Leather is best maintained while it is at room temperature.
  • Excess water: Whenever you have a stain on your furniture, simply blot it with a serviette or a piece of cloth. Water can carry the stain thus making it larger.
  • Cleaning detergents: Detergents and other chemicals like wax, oils, and silicone products can cause significant damage to your furniture. Use non-detergent soap when doing general cleaning.


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