A new year is the perfect time to do some interior decorating. The beginning of a year is all about fresh starts and new goals, so why shouldn’t your environment reflect that? Brescia Furniture has pieces for every area of your house so that you can have new rooms for the new year!

Begin your redecoration project by doing some research. Brescia Furniture has two stores (Alexandria and Cabramatta) where you can browse all of our ranges for inspiration. Our website also has extensive listings if you prefer perusing from your own home.

We have what you are looking for

At Brescia Furniture, we understand that our customers all have different tastes and visions. We do not solely stock one style, instead providing a wide range of products to ensure that everybody will be able to find something they like. Modern chic, stylish, functionality or pure sophistication. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for with your new year design project, we will have something that suits.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore, will be a priority in your re-designing. Brescia Furniture stocks a range of dining table Sydney to ensure you create the dining area of your dreams. Our sets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small but stylish fourseaters to extended pieces that have room for the whole family.

A dining table is nothing without chairs to complete it. If you are seeking a unique look for your new dining room, try complementing your dining table with a set of our chic chairs. From bright colours to neutrals, we have chairs to finish any dining setting.

The living area is another important room to refresh to ensure you (and your house) are rejuvenated for the new year. Brescia Furniture offers a wide range of lounges and you will be sure to find something that fits your space. Our leather lounges range from comfortable yet stylish two-seaters to large corner sets that can accommodate large groups of people. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and leather designs to achieve your desired aesthetic for your living area.

Accessories for every room

Complete your living area by selecting pieces to complement your new lounge. Whether you need a statement TV unit, classy storage case or elegant sideboard, additional pieces of furniture can make a room both visually appealing and functional. Consider pieces that will play a role in your overall design but also have a purpose.

Bedrooms should not be overlooked in your new year, new room project. What better way to prepare ourselves for the endeavours of a new year than creating an appealing room to retire to? Make a statement with a new bedroom set from Brescia Furniture. Luxurious beds with generous bedheads, classic, functional dressers and elegant nightstands are only some of your options when re-designing your bedrooms. Make things easy by purchasing a complete bedroom package that suits your look or create your own aesthetic by grouping different products together.

Whether you are changing the look of one room or your whole house, Brescia Furniture is here to help begin your new year the right way. 

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